Although natural talent and creativity plays a role, all interior designers have to work on developing their creative eye. Honing your eye for design will give you deeper insights on why something does or doesn’t work, which can then be more easily incorporated into your own creative process. By developing your eye for interior design, you can spark new ideas and ultimately become a better designer.

Get educated

Enrolling in a full-time interior design program is one of the best ways to learn about the subject and hone your skills as a designer. Interior design programs are also a great way to learn about potential interior design career paths. For example, you may choose to go into residential, commercial, or healthcare interior design. You could also specialize in an area like sustainable design, which is becoming increasingly in-demand as people embrace eco-friendly lifestyles. In addition to being creatively rewarding, interior design is also financially lucrative with a median annual salary of around $56,040. Moreover, enrolling in an interior design program will also provide you with useful experience meeting and working with potential clients, which will be vital contacts when you’re ready to start your career.

Practice, practice, practice

Strengthening your eye for interior design relies on practice. And, there’s no better place to start than your own home. Simply playing around with small pieces like cushions, throw blankets, and wall art is a great way to develop your own style. You can also experiment with appliances: an often overlooked design element. Appliances can be easily involved in the overall design scheme by matching up colors and materials. Stainless steel appliances, for instance, look beautiful in a room full of silver and chrome. More than just looking good, it’s also important your appliances work well. Fortunately, local repair professionals can fix malfunctioning appliances, which is often more affordable than replacing them. Ultimately, when it comes to practicing your design skills, it’s important to embrace the process. It doesn’t matter how many times you make mistakes or change something; it all adds to your creative evolution.

Pay attention to trends

Paying attention to trends — whether you’re checking out social media feeds or design blogs, walking around your neighborhood, or visiting your local art gallery or museum — is a great way to hone your eye for design. You’ll find an abundance of colors, styles, shapes, and textures simply in the world around you — all elements which come into play in design. By picking up on trends and letting them invigorate your creative senses, you’ll grow your perspective as a designer. Magazines are also a great way to expose yourself to trends. Reading up on a variety of styles (even if you don’t work with them all) will make you the best designer you can be in the long run.

Honing your eye is an integral part of becoming a better designer. Getting educated, practicing, and paying attention to trends are key ways to develop your creativity. 

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