So the iWatch is here, or Watch, as they call it. Honestly I’ve been a bit disappointed as I was expecting a real game-changer. Jony Ive was quoted saying that “Swiss watchmakers were f*cked”, so I did think that he had something amazing to show.

Don’t take me wrong though, as for every Apple product, the design is good, the technology seems to kick ass, and the marketing and the launch went quite good too. However, with this watch Apple is entering a new and entirely different market. In the computer, phones or tablets markets, Apple products are considered as “high end”, and if you extend a little, as “luxury” products. The watch market has been established for very long, and in that world Swiss watches are synonymous with luxury.


On the other end, electronic watches are usually considered as a kid or geek watch. So Apple might occupy the top spot of the higher end of this market, but I highly doubt it will take the Swiss watches spot.

In short, I simply think that the Watch will do great, but I don’t think it will really hurt most Swiss watch makers. What do you think?


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