Having the best online gambling experience is the goal of every casino player. To ensure that this goal is achieved, they are expected to choose suitable games and equip themselves with adequate information about them. The two online gambling tables that sometimes confuse new gamers are casino table games and live dealer games. It’s essential to know how they are different to make the right decision when looking for the correct game to choose. Also, gamblers may be interested in getting free £10 no deposit bonus at the casino where they like to gamble.

Online Casino Games

Every casino enthusiast understands how casinos are exciting and fun platforms. Online casinos are avenues created to help new gamers cost-effectively learn and grow their knowledge about some specific games. These casino games are generally categorised into machines and table games. Machines include every machine-based game, such as video poker and slot machines. Table games are straightforward– they are basically games played at tables. Checking both out, they are characterised by some benefits, but online table games offer the best odds. 

Regular online casino table games and live dealer games have unique properties that make them preferable to casino game players. Considering communication and an elegant & party-like casino atmosphere, you may want to choose live-dealer games. Nevertheless, for factors such as tips, multi-tasking, time limits, seat limitations, lower stakes, and more game options, you can choose the regular online casino tables. It would be interesting for gamblers who are interested not only in the casino to get to know that Fox Nation added another key distribution deal for its subscription streaming service, but it has still yet to disclose subscriber numbers.

Online Casino Games Tips

There are several things every gambler must remember and duly observe in the gambling world. It’s vital that you pick the right online casinos. Trusted casinos are licensed, pass through independent audits, and are secure online. Gamblers must ensure that they choose casino games designed by reliable developers, such as RTG or Rival. Besides, you should try the free games out first before playing with actual cash. Another important factor is your payment method. You should choose this wisely.

The safer and faster options are the ideal methods you can find. It’s also very crucial you learn related rules and strategies. And you must go through the rules and the data in the terms and conditions carefully. The regular online casino table is software-generated. It doesn’t require interaction with other players or the dealer during the game. It comes with several characteristics, including the instant appearance of chips and cards as the bets are placed and the deal button is chosen, an immovable dealer that is generated by a computer (No real dealer), and modern table games with sharp graphics. 

Live Dealer Games

Live dealer games are developed to ensure that online casino players enjoy a more authentic experience. As live games, they are directly streamed to a device with internet capabilities from a land-based casino. With live dealer games, online casino gamblers are offered the opportunity to interact with a real dealer and chat with fellow gamblers. 

The games come with several characteristics, including the better appearance of cards (they are generated graphically on top of actual cards, a great atmosphere, standard game buttons for betting and dealing like a regular online casino table, and interaction with fellow players and a real dealer through a chat box function One great thing about live-dealer tables is that players have the feeling as if playing in a physical casino. Besides, they are available on PC, tablets, or smartphones.

Table Games Vs Live Dealer Games

Check below to see how live-dealer games are different from table games: 

  • Interaction. Unlike table games with no dealer to interact with, live-dealer games allow interaction with the dealer. A live-dealer table comes with a chatbox, making sending messages to the dealer possible – the dealer will then drop a comment on your messages. In addition, you can see other players’ messages on live-dealer tables, showing that you can leave a comment as well. This makes it feel like you are sitting close to a fellow gambler at a brick-and-mortar casino.
  • Tips. Since there is no interaction with dealers on regular online casino tables, there is no need for tips. You should know that regular table games are software-based (no tips for software). This is not the same as some live-dealer casinos, which offer players the option to give dealers tips. All you need to do is click on the top option and input the amount to give.
  • Entertainment. Unlike the regular casino table games, players of live-dealer games enjoy the party-like atmosphere just like the physical casino party. In fact, some live-dealer casino tables may have two dealers for more efficient exchanges and more entertainment. 
  • Control. The overall control of the game is in your hands if you choose to play the regular online casino games. With this, you can choose to be doing something else while the game is on. But for live-dealer games, there is a real dealer in control, deciding what you can do and cannot.
  • Time limits. On betting and decision-making, live-dealer tables set a time limit for players. For instance, players may be mandated to act within a specific time (perhaps between 15 and 20 seconds) to make decisions and place bets. This does not happen with the regular casino table games. So, if you’re choosing the live-dealer games, you must be ready to focus on the game sessions for a specific time to not run out of the time limit when doing something else.

Stakes and Game Selection

The software of regular casino table games generates chips and cards automatically after choosing the deal option or selecting the preferred bet section. Unlike the live-dealer games, you can cut the wait times used by dealers during the shuffling and dealing of cards. Regular online casino tables are for those interested in playing the lowest possible stakes. But for live-dealer tables, players will be required a reasonable minimum bet due to some expenses to cover, including dealer salaries, the cost of rent for the building used, and the cost of the live streaming equipment used. However, gamblers must remember that they must be of legal age to gamble because, for example, China limits Youth online gambling.

There are more games to play at regular online casino tables than live-dealer tables. You can only see the most popular table games (such as blackjack, baccarat, and roulette) on most live-dealer tables. But the regular online casino tables offer numerous games such as blackjack, baccarat, craps, three-card poker, zoom roulette, Pai Gow Poker, red dog, war, Caribbean Hold’em, etc. The main reason regular online casinos can provide many games is that there are no dealers to pay. Live dealer tables offer a better casino atmosphere than regular online casino tables. The elegance of the casino atmosphere makes it distinct while playing. 


The regular online casino table games and live dealer games have advantages and disadvantages. So, if you intend to pick one, you should first know what you need and then let it influence your decision. For a great experience, interaction, and authentic casino atmosphere, live-dealer gaming is fantastic. But for cheaper stakes, control of game flow, and access to more table games, the regular online casino tables will be the best option.

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