Converting video to MP3 is one of these little tasks that everyone hates, but that we all have to do from time to time. Why is it so annoying? Probably because we are not doing it regularly, and we don’t really know what software to use. If you are a graphic designer, you probably have the Adobe Suite and could do it with one of the video editing software, but it would be like using a shotgun to kill a fly. On top of that, using a full-blown video editing software for such a menial task often makes it much more complicated than necessary, as you have to navigate through video and audio formats, which is not easy if you don’t do it often.

Luckily, there is a very simple solution for this, just install a small app created by 4K Download specifically for this task.

Video to MP3 Software By 4K Download

4K Video to MP3 is a single-focus app that only does what its name suggests, but does it very well. It turns videos into audio tracks safely, with a simple drag and drop of the video file from your computer onto the application. The best part? It’s completely free!

The large user base, over 2 million users already, allowed 4K Download to perfect the app and run smoothly, without any nagging interruptions, hanging, or crashing. According to your video quality, the software will extract the best possible quality of audio, you can get music in HQ format with a bitrate up to 320Kbps.

No more head scratching and wondering how you will achieve this video to MP3 conversion, just open the app and save your previous time by converting your files with lightning speed.

Simplicity is Key

UX design matters, as you probably already know. 4K Download’s app took the design aspects and the user experience at heart, taking care of every detail to make the conversion of files as easy as possible. You can navigate the application effortlessly through their intuitive interface, taking away all guess work and making the learning curve nearly flat. All the important tools and setting are very easy to locate from the first use of the software.

Choose Your Sound Format

Get audio tracks from your videos in various formats and quality options. Download converted tracks not only in MP3 but also in M4A and OGG. Transfer them directly to your portable devices without additional conversion to the supported format. This is also a true time-saver, as some other converters would only support a specific audio format to export to.

Bulk Conversion

One of the best features if you regularly need to do this kind of task: you can upload and convert multiple videos at once with this software. Create a queue for conversion to MP3 instead of wasting time dropping all videos one by one. Convert videos en masse in a matter of seconds.

For example, if you are a Youtuber looking to convert clips to podcasts, this will be extremely useful.

In-App Music Player

Another way that the designers of the app tought of to make the user’s life easier was to add a music player in-app. The main advantage? You don’t need to leave the software to check if your file conversion was successful, you can play the extracted audio file right within the application. Just double-click the track and listen to it right there.

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