Every well-coordinated meeting is expected to feature minutes, the written record of matters discussed. Minutes help keep track of decisions and inform absentees about items addressed. They involve the goals of the board and justify making some specific decisions.

As a factor that can’t be underestimated, it will be a significant step to adopt the up-to-date means of keeping formal records of board meetings. And the most remarkable way to do this is through the use of board management software.

This software features a meeting minutes builder that is essential in meeting management. Without much ado, we’ll unveil the details about this solution, its features, relevance to meeting minutes, and ways to purchase the best one.

Board management software

Board management software is also called a board portal. As a digital tool, it helps simplify board meetings and boost their efficiency. An organization’s board of directors uses this software for the efficient management of their responsibilities of performance reviews and strategic planning.

This virtual board software offers a virtual platform for holding meetings, recording minutes, sharing and reviewing documents, and voting on business affairs.

According to https://boardroompro.org/, the best available board portal software providers include:

  1. BoardMaps
  2. iDeals
  3. Diligent
  4. Brainloop
  5. BoardEffect
  6. Nasdaq
  7. Loomion
  8. Boardtrac
  9. Boardable
  10. ProcessPA

Features of board management software

Below is a shortlist of the typical features of thevirtual boardroom:

  • User management and control. Modern board portal software ensures that directors handle some managerial responsibilities appropriately.
  • Minutes management. This involves recording the minutes of board meetings and sharing them with every stakeholder. Also, it includes pulling up minutes of previous meetings for novel discussion.
  • Document management. This involves storing, sharing, and reviewing documents. Here, board packages are uploaded and attached to the agenda of board meetings.
  • Calendar management. This involves synchronizing webmail systems to send electronic mails. It also includes viewing and responding to event or meeting invites.
  • Collaboration. Board management software allows any board of directors to collaborate effectively in tactical planning and strategic management. Through it, members can easily vote on business issues and comment on documents.
  • Protection and security. Board management software runs outstanding protection and security. The advanced encryption protocol protects the online board meeting and prevents third parties from accessing documents and events.

Meeting minutes: A way to simplify board meeting management within a board portal

Virtual board software helps improve your board meetings at every stage, ranging from preparation to the meeting’s actual conduct, making decisions, resolution implementation, and task management.

Meeting minutes is one of the ways board meeting software helps improve board meetings. This is characterized by:

  1. Easy recording. Recording great minutes is simple because of the designated time boxes. This can be done accurately through the user-friendly board meeting management tools found in board portal software.
  1. Convenient sharing. The board meeting management tools offer the main reference points and ensure that records are suitable for stakeholders and team members in a few clicks.
  1. Coating interactive documents. With virtual board software, you can create interactive documents using meeting minutes and agendas. You can get them across to attendees easily and even to those not present in one click.

Factors to consider when purchasing board management software

Below are the factors you may want to consider to choose the right vendor:

  1. Sustainability. Check how long the provider has been around and how your institution can be sustained through them. Ensure the vendor has been reliable for a long period.
  1. Support availability. Software vendors should provide timely resolutions for technical glitches since directors would mostly have limited time and are on a tight schedule. Check to know if the board portal provider can offer customer support in any country in the world that a director may be.
  1. Cybersecurity. Choose a board portal with a comfortable security model. The virtual boardroom provider must handle critical business data effectively protected against cyberattacks. To do this, you should choose software with SSAE16, AT101, or similar accreditations. You may also want to consider features like expiration after a defined timeframe or auto-expiration of documents.


The paperless meeting solution discussed in the body of this article can take your meeting minutes to the next level. Since there are numerous options of board management software out there, the one you choose may come down to your preference and how it can accommodate the needs of your business.

We hope our selection guide helps you pick the most convenient solution for your meeting minutes.

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