In the early 20th century Europe, art movements were popping all over the place. Cubism, that started in France, and Futurism, from proto-fascist Italy, were two of the most famous movements. In Russia, a group of artist decided that they couldn’t decide, so they went ahead and created the cubo-futurist movement to mix both.

Among the founders was Vasily Kamensky, a writer, poet, artist, publisher, and… aviator. He was one of the first Russians to pilot an airplane, until an accident stopped him. He then spent more time working on his art, and created this little book amongh other things.

Tango with Cows, printed at 300 copies, is a poetry book that comes with a Dada look-and-feel. The artist played with typography to arrange his poems and create diagonal grids. Truly an inspirational piece of art.








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