With so much development in technology, the vending machines are also advancing a lot. Many consumers today, want fast and convenient access to several types of products. It is possible to build almost anything and buy them in a modern vending machine. Here we have 10 most unusual vending machines which are listed below!

1. Gold Vending Machine

Buying gold is lot easier with “Gold-to-Go” vending machine where you can get gold at a price 20% cheaper than what customers could get at a German bank. For more info click here.

Gold Vending Machine

2. Bike Vending Machine

Bike Dispenser allows you to rent a RFID-equipped bicycle from one vending machine, ride it to your destination, and then drop it off at another vending machine. For more detail, click here.

Bike Vending Machine

3. Pizza Vending Machine

Grab you pizza to your nearest pizza vending machine that cooks and serves 9″ whole pizzas in just under 2 minutes. For more info, click here.

Pizza Vending Machine

4. Books Vending Machine

This is an amazing vending machine that sells books spotted at London Gatwick airport. See more detail here.

Books Vending Machine

5. Socks Vending Machine

Are you in need of socks? Then you should try this vending machine. It will give you pair of socks. Click here for more info.

Socks Vending Machine

6. Wine Vending Machine

Get yourself a bottle of wine from this wine vending machine.

Wine Vending Machine

7. Board Game Vending Machine

This is an unusual vending machine from Japan that sells board games. For more detail, click here.

Board Game Vending Machine

8. Jeans Vending Machine

This is a very cool vending machine that allows you to purchase closed jeans.

Jeans Vending Machine

9. Apple iPod Vending Machine

This is an innovative vending machine where you can buy an iPod by selecting it on a touchscreen and entering your credit card information.

Apple iPod Vending Machine

10. Replacement Body Parts Vending Machine

This vending machine was designed to sell spare body parts to highlight the consequences of poor work safety practices. You can get more detail here.

Replacement Body Parts Vending Machine

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