In some industries, open-source software is already dominant and leaves little space to proprietary software. In the world of design, it’s harder to make a professional career using open-source apps and ux design tools only, I’d go as far as saying that it’s nearly impossible.

This said, there are many apps that already allow you to create professional designs or get customer feedback, and I can only encourage using those. Guys from the software development company called MLSDev say that there are many apps that already allow you to create professional designs, and I can only encourage using those (or maybe any other similar…).

1. Draw

Draw is an amazing open source tool that helps to execute everything right from a sketch to a complex plan. You can create bespoke designs, logos, technical drawings, animations and so much more with this software.


2. Inkscape

As a web designer, Inkscape is a great program to have in your best graphic design laptop. The feature-rich vector graphics editor enables users to effortlessly perform complex path operations, edit notes, trace bit-maps, and a lot more. Click here for more information.



GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP) is an immersive tool for image composition, photo re-touching and image authoring. You can get more info here.


4. Soya 3D

Soya 3D is an object oriented, high level 3D engine for Python. It basically consists of blender2soya and blender2cal3d scripts.

Soya 3D

5. Kivio

Kivo is an easy to use flowcharting application with a functionality of diagramming as well. The software allows developers to create flowcharts, organization charts, and network diagrams. You can learn more about it here.


6. Xournal

Xournal is an open source application that can be utilized for sketching, note-taking and even can be used as a journal using a stylus. Get more info here.


7. Greenshot

Greenshot is a lightweight software tool that is designed for screenshot purposes. It allows users to quickly create complete or partial screenshots. You can get it here.


8. Pencil

Pencil is an animation, drawing software that lets you design traditional hand-drawn animation using vector as well as bit-map graphics. You can download it here.


9. FontForge

FontForge is a lightweight, outline front editor that brings forth the ability to smoothly create your own open-type, postscript and true-type. For more info click here.


10. Blender

Blender is an open source 3D computer graphics tool for developers which can be seamlessly used for designing or creating interactive 3D applications, visual effects and animated films.


11. 3D Slicer

3D Slicer is a comprehensive and effective open source software package where users can indulge in breakthrough image and scientific visualization.

3D slicer

12. OpenSCAD

OpenSCAD is a powerful software for creating solid 3D CAD objects. It is specially designed for creative web developers.


13. Usersnap

Usersnap is a customer feedback software that helps you improve your designs and products with the input of those who are actually using it. Collect ideas, improvements, requests, and satisfaction ratings from one place. Usersnap specializes in customer feedback, from collecting to managing, and ultimately acting on it. Check out Usersnap’s customer feedback tools today. image.gif 3)

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