We can has Google Earth! Via Boston Public Library.

I have to admit it: Google Earth is pretty cool and Google Maps quite useful, but none of them are close to be as beautiful as old hand-drawn maps.

Since my childhood I’ve always been fascinated by old earth globes, vintage maps or navigation maps, following I am sharing some of that love.

Bird eye view of San Francisco. Via David Rumsey collection.

Bird eye view of San Francisco (detail). Via David Rumsey collection.

Rotation of the earth around the sun by J. Soulier, 1850. Via David Rumsey collection.

18th century map of Cape Verde islands. You got to love those lines and stars. Via Boston Public Library.

Engraved celestial chart by Alexander Jamieson, 1822. Via David Rumsey collection.

Cool typography and funky lakes anyone? Via Boston Public Library.

Beautiful world map. Via Sammlung Ryhiner.

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