In this article, we will take a look at 5 open-source applications for working with vector graphics. Some of them are free online services or are available for free download and installation on computers and mobile devices.

Applications for Raster and Vector Graphics: Differences

Programs for working with images are very popular among graphics designers. With their help, you can perform many different actions: from simple drawing on the computer to professional photo processing. All such applications can be divided into two types: raster and vector. In the first case, image processing is carried out by editing each pixel (point), in the second – by changing the formulas of geometric shapes.

Each type has its own advantages. The most “powerful” raster editors (for example, Photoshop or Vectornator) can work with some vector algorithms. When drawing images from scratch, the pixel method is most often used, geometric editors are used in the advertising industry and web design.

Vector Graphics Apps


This vector graphics application includes many tools for drawing shapes, is able to process the picture in layers, and apply actions to selected objects. The program contains a function of transformation of a raster image into a vector one. Inkscape supports plugins written in Ruby, Perl, and Python.

Inkscape was originally designed for Linux, but then it was ported to Windows, so some users complain about the suboptimal use of system resources.

However, the program has a couple of disadvantages. Some of them are high CPU load on your device, and some formats can only be imported after installing add-ons for this program according to Tanya, co-founder of Nimble Made and an experienced designer.


  • Plugins Support;
  • Lots of useful tools. 

Synfig Studio

This is an open-source program that is a true “go-to” tool for those who are looking for an excellent vector animation tool. This program supports 2D animation with HDRI. It is created in the program and then rendered on the server. 

Moreover, you can create many layers, which makes it easier to work in this program. As a layer, you can use a huge number of available modifications from gradients and other filters to fractals. You can also use vector tweeting in the program.

So, in this application, you can create different types of dynamic structures, complex characters, etc. When creating animated characters, you can also take advantage of skeletal animation, which allows you to set motion to the images.

Overall, this is a great application that will appeal to both beginners and advanced users.


  • Lots of built-in tools;
  • Built-in vector tweaking;
  • Skeletal animation is available.


This is the ultimate easy-to-use open-source vector graphics program. There are a huge number of different brushes, both classic and modern tools, which can make your work in the program much easier.

In addition to customizing the brushes, you can also change the background texture and layering modes (there are five of them), as well as the position of the image (literally, you can rotate it the way you like).

Overall, it is a very simple application with rich functionality that any startup, small, or medium-sized business will appreciate. This program has many templates and tools that help create great logo designs


  • Data is stored on GoogleDrive;
  • Integrates with other web applications.


The feature of this vector graphics application is that it allows you to work together. Moreover, the program is simple, so it will not take you much time to learn how to work with it.

How does the program make it convenient to work together? It automatically saves any changes to the project and synchronizes them immediately. So you can work on a project at the same time with your partners.

What’s also handy is that the program is cross-platform. That means you can edit a file from different devices.


  • Collaborative accessibility;
  • Lots of useful built-in tools.

LibreOffice Draw

This is one of the most advanced open-source vector graphics applications. Its features are so versatile that even the most sophisticated users will appreciate them. With LibreOffice Draw, you can create everything from a sketch to the most complex drawings, graphics, or diagrams.

In addition to the various tools to create drawings of any complexity, you can even use the tool to draw simple 3D objects like the ones being created in a 3D modeling software by adding or changing light sources. This, of course, sets the program apart from many others.

Moreover, to diversify your work, you can take a look at a huge collection of images, animations and use them.


  • Ability to create 3D objects;
  • Library of templates, images, sounds, animations.


The most advanced graphics editors like Adobe’s tools cost a pretty penny. As you can see, there are quite decent alternatives that will suffice for most users. Take a look at the options presented in this article, because they are really worth it.

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