Lightroom presets today have become an indispensable assistant in the work of retouchers; every company that somehow relates to photography offers its customers sets of free Lightroom presets for various genres of photographs. Therefore, it makes sense to consider free professional Lightroom presets from a well-known company FixThePhoto.

1. Black and white Lightroom Presets

Probably, all people are so missing the old black and white films and photos that specialists create different B & W Lightroom presets and filters with this. The set will please you with soft, matte and chocolate effects in black and white.

2. Sepia Lightroom Presets

These are very soft and warm effects, and if you want to plunge into the past with such photos, this set of presets for Lightroom is the best way to do it.

3. Lightroom Cross Process Presets

If you do not want to discolor the picture, but try to tone down, add monochrome and matte, then the technology of cross processing Lightroom is needed. 10 of the most interesting types of automatic filters that will help you bring to the collection of their photos a piece of a vintage and extraordinary look.

4. Top Lightroom Presets for Weddings

The next 10 sets of settings are designed to edit the happiest, joyful photos with lovers these are wedding photos. These top Lightroom presets for weddings will help to process a large number of photos coincidently and, at the same time, in the one style.

5. Matte Lightroom Presets

FixThePhoto company decided to allocate a separate collection of free Lightroom presets for weddings with the matte effect. The collection includes warm, contrasting, vintage and other effects that help create a certain mood in the photo.

6. Pastel Lightroom Presets

Pastel tones are in every wedding photo, because these soft effects can convey all the tenderness of the feelings of two lovers.

7. Best Free Lightroom Presets of 2017

Apparently, the FixThePhoto service staff decided to simplify the search for the trendiest and popular filters that gathered all top rated Lightroom presets in one compilation.

8. Best Lightroom Presets for Weddings of 2017

In the FixThePhoto blog they wrote how to avoid long seating at the computer and dissatisfied customers if you download them adobe Lightroom presets free.

9. Top Lightroom Presets for Newborn Photography

Free Lightroom presets for newborns and their settings perform the transformation of small children photos with minimal interference.

10. Lightroom Presets for Portraits

The best free Lightroom presets for portraits you can find in this collection. See for yourself by downloading and testing them in your portraits.

11. Lightroom Film Presets

A selection of the most popular effects continues in the section of free portrait presets for Lightroom in the style of the film. The variety of filters is amazing: toning, granularity, vintage and beige, will suit any portraits and will help to depict the charisma of the object.

12. Fashion Lightroom Presets

Since fashion photography requires flawless portraits with perfect skin of models and stylish image post processing then there are these top free portrait Lightroom presets for creating cool fashion photos.

13. Landscape Presets for Lightroom

If you do not know how to more accurately convey the entire palette of colors of nature and landscapes, then these amazing free Lightroom presets will help to make it as good as possible.

14. Lightroom Presets Sunrise

Soft or bright rays of the sun will be able to touch every spectator, if you experiment with different effects from this collection.

15. Lightroom Sunset Presets

Any darkened or lighted by the setting sun photo can transform just like these free photography presets.

16. Urban Cityscape Lightroom Presets

How to diversify photos of city blocks with gray houses and high-rise buildings? Of course with the help of these top 10 Lightroom presets, the settings of which will turn even the most ordinary city photo into something amazing.

17. Lightroom Preset Street Photography

To color the streets of different cities or people against the background of the city’s turbulent life you can by the aid of the best Lightroom presets.

18. Car Photography Lightroom Presets

Fans of cars and photographers of machines will certainly be pleased with these filters, as they will significantly reduce their editing time.

19. Lightroom HDR Presets

Free HDR presets for Lightroom will suit absolutely different photos and will add to them the brightness and saturation of colors, and some cool effect that will hold your look.

20. Lightroom Nightclub Presets

Top Lightroom presets for photographers who prefer to rest during the day, rather than to perform step-by-step enhancing of photos from nightclubs and other evening events.

21. Vintage Lightroom Presets

All the most popular effects such as matte, pink light, green shadows and HDR soft are now collected in one set of plugins that give old-fashioned photos.

22. Fall Lightroom Presets

For the autumn period, when nature pleases the eye with bright and at the same time muffled colors, these autumn filters are capable of shading all its beauty, and no one forbids applying them to different genres of photography.

23. Lightroom Presets Warm

We continue the selection of natural light Lightroom presets with these thematic filters for warm weather and the opportunity to convey this atmosphere through a photo.

24. Cool Lightroom Presets

All kinds of cool tones that look great on any photo can be achieved by changing the white balance, temperature contrast and other settings. But it will be easier to do with the proposed top free Lightroom presets.

25. High Contrast Lightroom Preset

You do not need to spend time tuning the contrast curves, everything will be made by the filters if you download Lightroom presets.

26. Lightroom Dark Presets

Fans of dark deep photos with skillfully underlined details will appreciate the work of FixThePhoto specialists, the results of which were embodied in 10 dramatic effects.

There is nothing more pleasant and useful than working with quality and professional Lightroom presets.

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