yoda pope

Most of this blog’s readers probably already know that an image can be perceived differently depending on the environment, Drzach & Suchy demonstrate this brilliantly with their art project “Relativity”.

Using a technique invented by Drzach, a panel combining several pictures in one physical object to display the separate images under appropriate lighting conditions.

The panels demonstrate vividly the issues of subjectivity and relativity of observation, and capture the coexistence of worlds/viewpoints. Under ambient lighting a panel is a neutral object devoid of any emotions of particular meaning. However, under appropriate directed lighting the panel shows the encoded images, disclosing a part of its true nature. Still, given only one view of the panel, it is impossible to grasp its full picture.

In the following Youtube video, you’ll see a good demonstration of the project with the Dark Side of Yoda revealed. See all videos by Drzach & Suchy on Youtube.

To learn more about this project, visit the website and check the various works, the making-off, the videos and more. For the techies out there, you can even read Drzach’s thesis on the technique of encoding multiple images in a panel (PDF).


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