The Bonsaiii Company has combined two, time-honored techniques to live a balanced life.

They have united Bonsai and Meditation into a lifestyle-art-piece that sits on a persons desk.  They call it Bonsaiii.

(Pictured is the Founder of the company Nelson Bates, his Fiancée and their Baby.)
It’s meant to encourage a person to not only care for their living tree, but to gently nudge them into daily meditation.

There is a meditation-timer that sits on top of the bonsai; just turn the dial to twenty minutes or less and complete the guided meditation contained in the book “Success Through Stillness.” (The book is included and contains the easiest way to properly meditate we’ve seen anywhere.)

It’s a practical way to bring oneself back to a natural, calm state of being.  The benefits of meditation and bonsai are profoundly positive on a persons health and happiness.

Here are a few of the Bonsaiii trees they have; the first is a 23 year-old, Tiger-Bark Ficus.


It has been grown in the root-over-rock technique.


The second is this 14 year-old Jade bonsai.  The gorgeous natural fire-glaze on the pots is from super-heated ash.  It takes three full days of firing in the hand-built Kiln to achieve this.

Each Bonsaiii comes with a complete package to care for the living tree, as well as properly meditate on a persons first day.


Learn more about meditation and to see the bonsai trees for sale at The Bonsaiii Company

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