Over two decades ago, significant developments in internet technology moved gambling from strictly brick-and-mortar affairs to online platforms like https://icecasino.com/ro. As a result, players were no longer required to leave the comfort of their homes just to enjoy their favorite gambling games. From there, internet gaming continued getting better thanks to developments like HTML5 technology which opened new doors for mobile gaming experiences.

Now, by tapping into the latest advanced technologies like AI, there’s a sea of exciting possibilities awaiting the online casino industry, many of which are already changing the game. Let us take a look at some of the ways artificial intelligence has impacted online casino gaming so far and what we expect in the coming years.

Detection of Fraud

A huge part of gambling revolves around fraud and a casino’s ability to keep it at bay. Many online casinos already have customer identity verification checks to limit fraud and instill location analysis or geo-tracking software for security purposes. However, cybersecurity is complicated because artificial intelligence can also be used for ill-intended purposes – like any other technology. Hackers and other fraudsters are aware of this and use it to their advantage.

Thankfully, iGaming platforms now use advanced artificial intelligence to catch most of these criminals. So, getting past robust firewalls, cheating, deciphering advanced encryptions, and money laundering through gaming websites is becoming more difficult for people with malicious intent. As a result, most web fraudsters have recently been targeting players instead of the casinos themselves as avenues for vulnerabilities have been eliminated.

Customized Player Experiences

With all the blowback online tracking and cookies get because of sites like Facebook, this form of artificial intelligence is actually an excellent tool for online casinos. It is used to track how a user navigates sites on the internet, and thus, gaming sites can recommend the best games for players.

For example, gamers who search for games with free spins, high RTPs, bonuses, etc., can now get recommendations for similar games once they log back in. Online casinos leverage this information to deliver the best games to each user, for a more personalized experience, through the use of AI.

Higher Quality Games

Artificial intelligence has given rise to the best technology that can be used to develop apps, games, sites, and much more for entertainment purposes. Significant improvements in online casino games can be seen daily and will definitely help improve the games that are on offer at many online casinos. There are many ways that AI has helped improve the iGaming industry, the most significant being:

  • Higher quality graphics;
  • Better sound effects;
  • Offering more types of games;
  • Better in-game characters;
  • Improved thematic concepts;
  • Better quality mobile games.

Customer Support and AI

Millions of people log into online casinos at any time daily, and customer support has always been an issue. Considering the many issues one may encounter as they play, there have never been enough customer support agents to assist players as there are now with artificial intelligence. AI helps users with information that they may need, provided that it has been programmed to assist.

The increase in positive reviews from players worldwide can be attributed to the use of bots to assist with customer support. AI allows faster responses, provides more accurate information, and can cut down the number of people waiting in line at a more affordable rate than human agents.

Fighting Problem Gambling

About 5% of the global gambling population has experienced problem gambling issues. While it has been difficult to reduce this number with purely human efforts, artificial intelligence has come to offer better solutions to combat this issue.

For instance, AI technology is able to identify players who exhibit problem gambling by monitoring the amount of time they spend on gambling sites. It can also identify users who are spending too much while losing and warn them against continuing to play.

Additionally, there are responsible gaming protocols set in place for operators to follow, and AI can help them follow these regulations. So, through AI, operators offer options like self-exclusion options, warnings for time spent playing, and limits to money lost to help prevent compulsive gambling.

AI Is Revolutionizing Online Casinos

Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the world and is especially prominent in online casinos. From online security to personalized player experiences, there is no limit to the impact AI has in the iGaming industry. AI comes in many forms, and there are significant advancements on a daily basis. And this is just the beginning. No doubt, as AI technology advances, many more new solutions will be applied to make iGaming safer and a lot more entertaining.

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