The solid-state drive and the hard disk drive are two different types of hard drives. Both these hard drives have many functions to perform alongside storing the computer’s memory. They contain codes that launch systems. There are many other significant functions that they offer. However, many people fail to recognize the difference between both of them. 

So, today, we are going to discuss both SSD and HDD in detail. If you have waited to understand the difference between these hard drives, it is your time to understand it now. 

The primary difference between SSD and HDD 

 A hard disk drive is what helps to store and retrieve data. It includes moving parts and pieces that contain platters and read/write actuator arm. There are many other moving parts available in it. A solid-state drive, on the other hand, includes no moving parts. All it does is use flash memory to store data. It also uses a flash controller and memory chip. 

SSD VS HDD; Which is better? 

Now, the question is that are better among SSD and HDD. So, in case you want to find out about this difference, you have to get an idea about their features. Such a thing will help you to map out their potential in the best way. 

Solid-state drive 

 1. It provides various sizes that range from 1.8, 2.5 to 3.5 inches. 

2. It offers a massive storage capacity of 16 TB. 

3. The read/write speed is way better than the HDD. It provides up to 550MB per second of reading/write speed. 

4. It is slightly more expensive than the HDD. It costs between $.11 to $.30

5. The failure rate is up to 1.5 million hours that exceed the span of HDD. 

Hard disk drive 

 1. It does not provide numerous variants in the size. Thus, the only sizes available are 2.5 and 3.5inches. 

2. The storage speed is as good as the solid-state hard drive. It contains a performance speed of up to 16TB. 

3. We have already discussed above that a hard disk drive does not provide a better read/write speed than a solid-state drive. It offers a performance speed up to only 160MB. 

4. The cost per gigabyte for a hard disk drive is far cheaper than that of a solid-state drive. It costs only $0.1 until 2022. 

5. The mean time between failure rates is also less than a solid-state drive. It is only 1 million hours. 


 Such was the massive difference between a solid-state drive and a hard disk drive. Since most people do not understand this difference properly, we have tried to explain it here, using simple means. If you face any issues with these hard drive data, make sure to opt for expert help to save your files now. Any potential firm that offers crucial data recovery services can come to your assistance in the best manner. Make sure to research them online before you take a step forward. If you are not careful, you can lose your data permanently. 

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