One of the problem when designing old common objects like shoes or chairs is that a lot has already been done, which makes it hard to come up with something totally new.

This is probably the reason why designers get excited when new technologies like USB memory sticks appear, that’s just one new object to design, another reason to be creative. A lot has been done with USB memory now, so it’s interesting to see a few examples.

Open Cellar is a wine cellar handling software, a must-have. They also sell an awesome USB key.

Lovely, your flash memory hidden into a cute monster. Discover more like the one above.

You may already know the USB humping dog, I’ll just share with you the above exercising dog (less funny I have to admit).

Naked USB, minimal USB key design.

Not eatable but looking yummy, the USB pie.

USB Key holder, make a creative and geeky use of your memory stick to hang on your keys.

Old-fashioned but cool, the USB MP3 alarm-clock.

USB rechargeable battery, amazing use of the USB technology.

White Lake Golden stick, probably the most expensive USB key. At $3’500, it is clearly designed just for people with too much money.

Less expensive than the previous one, but way cooler: USB jewellery.

Another classy and expensive USB stick, made by S. T. Dupont.

At last but not least, a great tutorial on how to make your own sawed-off cable USB key.

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