Packaging has the power to attract customer towards the product. There are several mindboggling packaging designs and below we have listed few of them. Let’s have a look at them!

1. Protective egg packaging

You can find this earth friendly protective egg packaging here.

protective egg packaging

2. YKM Shopping bag

A fitness-inspired shopping bag which is available here.

A fitness-inspired shopping bag.

3. A paintbeard

Creative paint brush with a beard which is available here.

A paintbeard

4. Cut Toothpaste at the end

A toothpaste tube which you can tear at the other end when trying to get the last bit out. Watch it here.

cut toothpaste

5. Go green with vegetebrella

Get this umbrella in the shape of vegetable here.

Go green with vegetebrella

6. Simple Coffee Fix

A coffee spoon that contains creamer so you just squeeze and stir. Get it here.

Simple Coffee Fix

7. Sushi to-go box

A sushi to-go box that uses chopsticks as the handle. View it here.

Sushi to-go box

8. Portable dog food packaging

Travel with your dog freely as you do not have to worry about carrying food in difficult way. This portable dog food has easier packaging which is available here.

Portable dog food packaging

9. A double bag for peanuts

This is an incredibly simple peanut bag with peanut shell receptacle. View it here.

a double bag for peanuts

10. Coffee ingredient holder

A genius coffee lid cup that can also hold creamers and sugar. Watch it here.

coffee ingredient holder

11. Juice packs

These are an adorable juice boxes that fit together which are available here.

juice packs

12. A pastry box with built-in coffee holder

You can get this handy packaging here.

A pastry box with built-in coffee holder

13. Fast food packaging

This is a compartmentalized fast food packaging that would decrease waste and make eating on the go much easier. Watch it here.

Compartmentalized fast food packaging

14. The pizza box

This pizza box concept will change the way you eat pizza. Watch it here.

The pizza box

15. NYC Spaghetti

This is a fitting packaging for a spaghetti brand called NYC which is available here.

NYC Spaghetti

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