A strong online presence is a key driver of success in any industry nowadays

The year is 2021 and by now most people have a good grasp on the reasons why businesses need some sort of online presence to survive. Let’s face it – in today’s ever-expanding digital climate, websites are synonymous with a physical first impression.

Those first clicks give the user a holistic look at your brand’s products, look, style, and more, providing an extremely powerful representation of communication between business to customer. This exchange is crucial to foster value and high conversion rates at all stages. And all of this is made possible through exceptional web design.

While most industries nowadays have already developed a digital universe around their brand on the world wide web, there are a special few who have proven, time and time again, with great vision and implementation, that they are masters of their web design craft.


Now that shopping online has become mainstream, all of the world’s retail sectors must have e-commerce sites that cater to virtual users. In the 21st century in which we live, it isn’t uncommon to see people browsing clothing racks from their mobile phones on the subway or adding items to their virtual carts on the walk to work. In fact, as this method becomes a first choice for many, brands in the industry are having to optimize their sites for mobile users.

While adjusting to these new norms isn’t always easy, the retail industry has shown its ability to keep up with the pace, designing sites that keep shopping interactive and exciting even from a smartphone device or desktop.


An engaging user interface is vital for the online gaming industry. Written text, color choice, symbols, and branding each come together in a unique way to welcome the user with open arms. Additionally, the specific games offered must provide their own design value.

A great example of this is the virtual casino business. The digitalization of casinos brings with it its own slew of challenges, as creating accurate slot machines and table games to look and feel like the real thing is no easy feat. However, various online casino brands are making genuine design a top priority for their growing audiences.

One instance of this can be seen through the immense success of the famous Starburst game. This video slot has all the same graphics and sounds of the real casino version, thereby keeping gamers entertained with realistic elements that reign true throughout all devices – tablet, mobile, and desktop. Similarly, live blackjack rooms are designed so that human dealers can interact with the players in real time, enhancing the virtual experience.

The bottom line: when it comes to these types of websites, design of both the games and the pages themselves are equally as important.


Planning a trip is practically its own job in and of itself. That’s why the travel industry’s main goal is to make their websites functional, user-friendly, and efficient. The modern nomad can see this done well by standout travel websites that provide easy navigation, crisp visuals, and around-the-clock access to customer service.

After all, the site’s purpose should be to give users an opportunity to explore options and make decisions concerning their trip. If the person is not already planning a vacation, the website design and layout should motivate them to do so. This goal is impossible to achieve without effective web design tools and features that get people moving. Here are some of our absolute favorites.

Websites with high-quality design will naturally garner higher conversion rates

Food and Beverage

Last but not least, the food and beverage industry is a wonderful example of a sector that has gone above and beyond when it comes to web design. Many people nowadays have made ordering food, or even grocery shopping online, a major part of their weekly routine.

As such, these digital pages must provide clear offerings with vivid photography. Colors like bright red have been proven suitable for beverage and food websites. The industry’s best are not overdone or ornamental in nature, but rather simple, informative, and visually attractive.

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