Technology is constantly changing and improving, which leads to the high demand for particular skills at a certain time. Those of you who plan on getting into IT this year or wish to learn something new and exciting should focus on the following: 

Using Linux 

Linux is the operating system to have if you are concerned about your cyber security. Many cybersecurity professionals use Linux since it is the most secure operating system available. Besides Linux, cyber security professionals also need to master network security, cyber security analysis, and using apps like VPN. 

Knowing the basics of VPNs can be incredibly useful for anyone interested in minimizing cyber threats since this app can encrypt the data you send or receive and hide your real IP. Not to forget that by changing the IP address, you will have access to more information that is geo-blocked. Are you interested in becoming a cyber security engineer? If the answer is yes, you can expect a salary from $120,000 to $133,000 a year


If you have been online in the last year, you probably know how popular NFTs are right now. Not to forget the cryptocurrency explosion that happened in the 2010s. Considering all of that, it is not surprising that everyone is looking for blockchain engineers at the moment. 

Blockchain is becoming a part of everyday life, and companies worldwide will search for individuals with the necessary skills to develop websites and apps closely connected to blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. An average annual salary for people working with blockchain is $113,000. 

AI & Machine Learning 

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are taking over various industries as we speak. According to Forbes, 76% of companies planned to invest more in AI and machine learning in 2021. It seems like their plans are going strong because AI is becoming necessary nowadays. For instance, artificial intelligence makes shopping quicker and easier since you can check out items yourself in no time. 

While computer and information research scientists are on the top of the list right now, individuals familiar with Java, Python, and TensorFlow can search for employment in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning. The median yearly salary for information research scientists is $131,490. 

Data Science 

Big companies such as Amazon recognized the importance of data science years ago. Data can enhance an online shopping experience and make the internet seem more personalized just for you. So if you are passionate about data science, you are in luck.

Data scientists find different ways to collect information on the internet. But then they need help from data analysts to decide which information is relevant. As you can see, this line of work is exciting, and the pay is outstanding. The University of Wisconsin estimates that a mid-level data scientist earns $130,000 annually. 

Cloud computing 

To put it as simply as possible, cloud computing enables users to upload or download data and apps from remote servers over the internet. You don’t need to save a single file to your hard drive to access it. Therefore, you can understand why cloud computing is the future. Large cloud technology providers, such as Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform, are always on the lookout for new cloud professionals. Those interested in cloud technology should focus on learning about cloud migration and cloud computing. The cloud computing market is expanding quickly, and Grand View Research expects it will reach $1.25 trillion by 2028. The salary is impressive too. For instance, the average salary for those working for Microsoft Azure in 2020 was $106,470.

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