When thinking of building demolition, the first picture that comes to mind is an exploding building that collapses at free fall speed, or eventually one of these giant machines that hit the construction with a giant ball hanging (sorry, I have no idea what these are called). Either way, building demolition usually ends up in a giant pile of debris in which concrete and metal structure are all mixed up. Building waste and recycling company Kwiksweep often recycle concrete  and says this will be an amazing game changer in the industry.

With the ERO Concrete Recycling Robot, no more gigantic piles of debris. This robot takes down the building step by step, separating the destroyed material into prefab concrete elements. High-pressure water is used to deconstruct the building, then the water is recycled back into the system.


Although not in used yet, this amazing product imagined by Omer Haciomeroglu is very promising for a more sustainable future. It already got some recognition by winning an award at the 2013 IDSA awards.




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