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Social media marketing is one of the most popular forms of digital marketing today. For both large corporations and independent entrepreneurs, using social media is extremely effective when garnering interest in a business, brand, or idea. With the right social media marketing strategy, maximize your online reach while ensuring you are reaching the specific audience and demographics that are optimal for your business model.

Create a Social Sharing Strategy

The first step when planning a social media marketing campaign is to devise a strategy that is best for the business, brand, or idea you want to share. Consider the following before moving forward with a social media campaign on any network or platform:

  • Who do you intend to target with your social media campaigns? What ages, gender, and locations are you intending to target?
  • What type of hobbies or interests do the users you want to reach enjoy?
  • How will prospective followers and customers discover your social media page or official website? How does your target audience typically browse the internet while discovering new businesses or brands?
  • Do you plan to implement A/B testing and retargeting campaigns to drive interested users to your website or to follow you?

Use High-Quality Imagery and Animation

With social media, you only have one opportunity to make and leave a lasting impression. Always use high-quality and professional graphics, illustrations, photos, animations, and video media when promoting your business or brand. A social media page that promotes outdated, grainy, or blurry imagery may turn users off, as this often appears unprofessional or not trustworthy to newcomers. A website and social media presence that appears professional will help with gaining the trust and genuine interest of those who want to know more about what you have to offer.

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Enhanced Targeting

Using networks such as Facebook and Instagram is ideal if you are interested in enhanced targeting features for your social media marketing campaigns. Enhanced targeting using platforms including Instagram and Facebook allows you the ability to choose which gender, locations, and even age range to target for individual ads you create.

It is also possible to implement A/B testing to learn more about the messaging and language that your target audience responds best to while browsing online. With enhanced targeting as well as A/B testing, hone in on the users you want to reach without overspending and overextending yourself as a business owner or entrepreneur.


Geotargeting is also extremely effective for new companies and brands, especially if you are targeting a specific demographic or region. Using geotargeting is optimal with platforms such as Facebook, as the network itself provides in-depth analytics and data. Seth Winterer from Digital Logic says that businesses are able to track their employees through geofencing. With geofencing, marketers have the opportunity to implement triggers and push notifications to users based on their current location using smartphones and GPS-enabled devices. Using geofencing is optimal for SMS messaging, targeted advertising, or even capturing local data for future marketing campaigns.

Update Social Media Consistently

Consistency matters when it comes to social media. Create a calendar to ensure your audience of followers is never left in the dark when sharing updates, promoting new products, or even asking for input and feedback. Use a calendar to keep track of the type of content you share on each day of the week. Reference your digital calendar to ensure you are not bombarding your users with the same type of content each day. Check your calendar frequently to determine which type of posts and updates receive the most interaction and engagement.

Showcase Transparency

Transparency is one of the best ways to garner trust and loyalty from online users. Showcasing your transparency as a business or entrepreneur is a way to connect with individuals who are interested in your business or brand. Respond to users who leave comments or ask questions using social media directly on your page itself. Avoid deleting rude or offensive comments and instead, respond professionally and with kindness.

Host Contests and Giveaways

Host contests and giveaways to encourage users to visit your website and your social media pages. Contests and giveaways on social media are one way to generate buzz for your business and brand without launching a massive and pricey digital campaign. Using social media marketing is a great way to connect with prospective followers and customers. Choosing to use social media marketing is not only ideal for those seeking in-depth analytic reports, but it is also optimal for anyone interested in building and cultivating ongoing relationships with customers and loyal followers. With the right social media marketing campaign, outperform your competitors, appeal to new followers, and solidify your name or brand as an authority in the market or industry of your choice.

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