Event photography is all about capturing that ‘once in a lifetime’ moment, isn’t it? As much as this sounds incredible and nearly effortless, capturing the right moment at the right time, more often than not, is a real struggle. Oftentimes, the best moments do not occur twice, and due to things moving fast, photographing events can easily become one of the most stressful types of commercial photography.

Luckily, we have five event photography tips for you that not only will help you in taking creative photos but will also aid in not missing your shot ever again. From sports events to concerts, weddings, and small gatherings, these useful tips got you covered!

Let’s begin.

1. Think of the Story You Want to Share

Every event has a story, and it is your duty, as a photographer, to deliver it in the best way possible. Therefore, it is a good idea to think of the story before you even step into the venue of the event. Plan everything down to details and do not leave anything to coincidence.

For instance, start by contemplating the overall story in your head. What would highlight moments of that event be? When do you expect them to occur? How many people are you photographing? Who are the main characters in this story? What type of pictures do they prefer? If you are unsure about something, ask as many questions as you feel necessary to help you determine the tone as well as the exact story you are expected to share.

Additionally, take a moment to think about the place where you will be shooting. Is that a building you are already familiar with? If not, arrive at the venue before anyone to look for the right angles as well as size up where is the best light. This will prevent missing the right shots and will help you immensely in the process.

2. Capture Some Behind the Scenes Action

Alongside the proper planing, capturing behind the scenes shots will also greatly contribute to the story. In case you are allowed to access the backstage, we advise you to go for it!

When it comes to events, especially shows, and sports matches, people simply love seeing what goes on behind closed doors. These types of photos make the whole story of the event more personal, relatable and beautiful, so make sure you do not miss the opportunity to get behind the curtains and photograph some real, raw action.

3. Be Prepared for the Memorable Moments

As mentioned, event photography revolves around capturing the right moments. Depending on the event itself, the right moments may be the bride dancing with her bridesmaids, a guitarist at a concert performing a solo, or group of friends laughing at a joke. Whatever these memorable moments are, catching people’s genuine emotions and reactions, is what makes photos great and creative.

Hence, be on the lookout and prepare yourself for them to occur at all times. You need to pay attention to your surroundings and catch the action as it is arising. Moreover, it goes without saying – The secret of not missing the moment when it happens is setting up everything beforehand.

4. Look for Interesting Details

Everything is in the details. Especially when we are talking about event photography, details matter the most, so do not make the mistake of neglecting them.

Capturing interesting details proves the excellence and the creativity of your work thus focus on them. They do not need to be hugely complex to look good, as some of the most powerful details are the ones you can spot without even trying. Among these, you can find the wedding napkins, the seat decorations during a theater play, the cake of the birthday party, or the public speaker’s outfit.

5. Never Settle for Boring Photos

Needless to say, boring photos never look good and almost always it is recognizable whether or not the photographed people felt comfortable during the shoot. The only way to candid portraits is to make people feel at ease while you are taking pictures of them. Find something you have in common with them, crack a joke, ask a question or compliment them so they can relax and ultimately look natural on your camera screen.


Interesting and storytelling event photographs are not that hard to make if you know exactly what you should do and what to focus on. The next time you have an event to photograph, try at least one of these five tips and we assure you will immediately notice a difference.

Pay attention to the details, be prepared for emotional memorable moments and action shots, talk to people and use all of your creativity and expertise to share the story in the most beautiful way.

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