A website speaks a lot about business and helps mark the online presence of the company or brand on a global level. A lot of time and money is spent on web design, so that information about products and services is conveyed to the target audience in a creative way. The credibility and reputation of your business to a great extent is dependent on the quality of the website and its design. So, before you start planning the layout, design, and functionality of your website, it is recommended that you seek inspiration from quality websites. Analyzing the examples of the websites can help you escape when you’re stuck in a creative block. Below you can find the top ten best web design examples provided by the guys from ProHighGrades and ResumeCVWriter, that push the boundaries of how a website should look and function.

Virgin America

As far as the design of Virgin America’s website is concerned, it is known for its responsive design, easy-to-use navigation, usability, and simplicity in the airline’s niche. The minimalistic interface catalyzes an excellent user interface and because of this, it has been entitled as the best responsive website in this airline industry.


This wonderful eCommerce website has a very minimalistic approach that boasts of a full-size revolutionary product slider. The big compelling photos of the products with a simple background boosts the visuality and oomphs the looks of the products. The simple and slightly enlarged letters make it extremely easy for the audience to read the content in an efficient way.

The History of Climate Change

The NASA website of ‘The History of Climate Change’ is one of the best web design examples because of its creative approach. The blend of historical media and state-of-art animation is used to convey a strong message about the history of climate change on a global level. This informative website boasts of a beautiful design with a sophisticated approach that engages the users to read the content on climate changes and its impact without getting bored.

J. Hornig

Designed in an aesthetic way, this is a combination of high definition images, visual appeal, usability, easy navigation, and, most important, the sound engineering, telling a captivating and engaging story to the visitors.


The beautiful website layout and easy to read content make this online publication that features content on craftsmen, artists, etc. the best example of a content-based website. The motive to provide informative content is delivered in the best possible way.

Frans Hals Museum

The designers have done an impeccable job as they efficiently brought an array of artwork into one well-organized web spot. The bold and vivid colors asserted an extremely brave move that turned up exceptionally good. It would probably be the first time you’ll be seeing such bold and multiple colors on a website. The design, the collage of photos, the highlights of the museum, the promotion of the Instagram account and many more make it easier for the audience to understand what this museum has to offer.

World of SWISS

As the name indicates, this spectacular web spot is a visual treat and one of the best web design examples in the airline’s niche. Swiss Airlines is known for its unparallel service and customer delight, and this web design tells the exact same story in an immersive and visually progressive way. Engaging animations, logical flow of design and a minimalistic approach make this a great website with excellent user interactivity.


A beautiful take on a bold approach, vibrant colors, and grid design, Minimums is a fabulous website example that showcases a creative way of introducing website content. The grid-based design is appealing as the full-length and wide images add elegance to the overall look and feel of the website. It maintains a good visual hierarchy and the logical flow of content amps up the user experience.

Protest Sportwear

A journey of beautiful visuals and images, this website is one of the best web design examples for a sportswear shopping portal. One of the best things about it is that instead of promoting the apparel or garments, they are focussing on promoting ‘looks’. The collage of products used on the homepage makes the selection of the right category or product go in a jiffy.

Simply Chocolate

Your mouth will start watering as soon as you see the website as it portrays chocolates in a very delicious manner. The design of this website tickles the taste buds and increases the craving by implementing excellent visuals and compelling animation of the products offered. The three-dimensional visuals of the chocolate look very beautiful and the flow of content is excellent as one product leads to another.

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