Manual transcription appears ‘ancient’ and outdated, thanks to advancements in automated technology over the last ten years. They are not only time-consuming and (possibly) expensive for your company, but they are also largely pointless. 

Why waste hours transcribing a teleconference or meeting when auto transcription software can do it in seconds?

Automatic transcription software, contrary to popular belief, is nearly as precise as human transcription. While most of these offerings rely on artificial intelligence, some of them also employ humans, which improves the transcription process’ precision and agility.

Aside from efficiency and agility, the best automatic transcription software should be inexpensive, simple to use and provide multiple ways to transfer your transcribed documents. If you’re looking for a tool that meets all of those criteria, look no further.

In this article, we will talk about the top 5 automatic transcription tools. 

Top 5 Automatic transcription tools

1. HappyScribe


Happy Scribe is automatic audio to text transcription software. It converts audio and video files to text and lets you export the transcripts in a variety of formats, including Word, PDF, and TEXT. This tool has no restrictions on the size of video or audio documents you can upload. Irrespective of file size, Happy Scribe can accomplish most transcriptions in a matter of minutes.

Owing to the incorporation of Happy Scribe Interactive Editor, you may change your transcripts before downloading them. 

You may also utilize Happy Scribe’s heatmap mode to examine where the AI had problems transcribing the files while you change the transcripts. You’ll save a lot of time because you will be able to focus your edits on those places.

2. Transcribe

Transcribe is a transcription application that can transform sound clips to text instantly and has a security emphasis. Doesn’t matter if you’re listening to podcasts, songs, or attending a virtual meeting. Transcribe can help you save time, money, and enhance efficiency.

Transcribe has a built-in audio player that assists with audio decoding. It offers great slow-motion capabilities and foot pedal support. The software comes with a specific help file that describes all of its capabilities.

This solution is for businesses that need a secure and discreet audio transcribing service. You will love the convenience of keyboard shortcuts that it offers, especially for entering timestamps. 

3. Trint

Trint is designed for Mac and Windows users who don’t want to deal with the fuss of installing transcription software. It allows you to transcribe video and audio files directly from your web browser.

It’s a multi-tool audio editing and transcription platform that allows you to join forces with team members. The service offers a quick turnaround, strong security aspects, and low error rates.

Trint transcribes audio and video using advanced machine-learning-based algorithms. It accommodates a wide range of languages and has facilities for nearly every English dialect.

4. Otter

Otter is a note-taking and collaboration app rather than a transcribing program. It’s also easy to overlook its automated transcription functions at first sight.

Otter is a good automatic transcribing program for persons who only have a few monthly transcription tasks, which may be a disadvantage for some. 

The platform’s top-notch reliability and transcribing speed, however, make it one of the most popular automatic transcribers on the market. You get nearly 600 minutes of free transcription every month with Otter.

It is extremely user-friendly. You may upload your files directly from your smartphone, laptop, or even another digital gadget. You may also educate Otter, like Trint, to recognize non-English terms and complex language.

5. Go Transcript

GoTranscript is one of the few automatic transcribing programs that can handle more complex work. The program is especially useful for scientific, technical, and STEM academic tasks, where precision is crucial.

Another great feature of GoTranscript is its quick turnaround time, which is usually between six and twelve hours for the fastest service. That’s pretty quick, considering the tool primarily relies on human transcription.

GoTranscript is also simple to use. Your files are simply uploaded using the web, a link, or another program. Then you pay using PayPal, credit card, or debit card online. You can have your files transcribed in as little as six hours after that.

Wrapping Up

That is all for this article. Hopefully, the tools mentioned above will speed up your transcription work along with making it more accurate. 

No transcription work should be arduous. Especially, when there are a plethora of automated transcription tools available in the market. These tools get the work done quickly and accurately.

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