With a great movie comes another great movie poster; as the film industry churns out brilliant film after brilliant film, designers all over the world have used them as a source of inspiration to create the most creative and alternative pieces of art work. Here are 10 top creative and alternative movie posters!

1. Lord of War

Who could forget the intricate and impressively complex design used for the movie poster for ‘Lord of War’?! With the lead character Yuri Orlov, played by Nicholas Cage, featuring on the cover, the poster draws you in immediately. The image is particularly engaging, with half of his face and body being recreated using bullets- it’s a captivating image difficult to forget. The use of bullets is particularly potent reminder given the fact that Cage plays an arms dealer in the film!


2. Food Inc.

Following on from it’s controversial and shocking content, the poster for Food Inc features the striking image of a live cow imprinted with a bar code. Stirring feelings of unease and horror, the poster reveals the shocking juxtaposition of the two overtly different element merged together; that of something natural being imprinted with the ugly mark of something man made. A unique, visually enticing and creative way of summing up the films message perfectly.


3. The Ugly Truth

What makes the movie poster for the blockbuster hit The Ugly Truth so successful lays both in its simplicity and sense of humour! Using the iconic male and female silhouette symbol, the poster positions man and woman together, both with hearts placed in two very different places- giving you a taster of the comedy value the film has in store for you!


4. Cold Souls

Cold Souls above all presents you with a quirky, albeit odd, movie poster showing the lead characters front profile from the shoulders up, broken up and repeated in the style of a Russian doll. The striking image of Paul Giamatti and his three sets of eyes resting on top of each other, is representative of his journey to explore himself as he parts with his soul before going on a quest to retrieve it.

Creative Movie Posters

5. The girl next door

Leading on from the films spine tingling plot, the movie poster for The Girl next Door evokes similar feelings of horror with it’s image of the outline of two wrists being tied together, filled with a combination of images such as the creepy, gothic abandoned house, two soulless half naked boys and the vulnerable expression of a young girl. The blank white background adds extra emphasis to the central feature, making it successful in really drawing the audience in!


6. Terminator salvation

Designers for the movie poster for Terminator Salvation also made use of the photo mosaic style, which are popular amongst film posters! This poster does this by combining small scaled images of a burning and destroyed city, to make up the bigger, and intensely menacing, image of a skull.


7. Crank

Jason Stratham features in Crank: High Voltage as Chelios, a man on a mission to retrieve his heart after being kidnapped by a Chinese mob. This fast paced, action filled drama is all about adrenaline, crime, and violence, which the movie poster represents so well with it’s image of an arm holding a gun. With half of the films title “Crank” incorporated on the arm to look like a vein, this poster makes use of the films themes to create an inventive poster.


8. Fuel

Straight away Fuel grabs your attention with its alarming image of planet earth half coated in black petrol. The contrast of the freshness of the luscious looking greens and blues of planet earth contrasted against the sullen black is enough to stop you in your tracks.


9. The Eye

The Eye’s film poster is enough to make anyone shudder with the haunting image of a hand reaching out of a girl’s eye! Successful both in it’s shock value and creativity, this poster does the film justice.


10. Casino Jack And The United States of Money

Based on a real life events, the film Casino Jack And The United States of Money poster features the front profile of the films subject; Jack Abramoff, an American former lobbyist. The top of Abramoff’s head shows a sketch of Washington DC, with images of US dollar notes being clenched in the fist of suit wearing arms, women’s legs, drinks, and as playing cards bursting out from the image. Epitomizing the lavish lifestyle Abramoff played for.


11. Stripped down

Combining the films theme of violence and women, the film poster for Stripper Down reveals a woman’s heel designed to look like a gun. Edgy, clever and above all eye catching, the poster achieves that sleek and dangerous feel.


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