Fonts generator websites are often used by web design experts. Like other generators, font’s generator websites can help people to easily create fancy text in their websites without spending much time typing it out or downloading the font on a website like Creative Fabrica.

Many professional designers do not recommend using fancy texts in an important website because they may distract viewers from the real content of the website. However, many beginners prefer using fancy texts to set the tone of their websites.

They usually use font’s generator websites to generate fancy texts that they want to put in their website. There are many fonts’ generator websites on the internet today, but not all of them provide great results.

There are many types of font generators which allow people to create their own fonts. Ten examples of such websites include:


The website “Calculatorology” has a fancy text generator that allows the users to generate different kinds of texts with many kinds of options and fonts, color fonts and sizes.

To use this option all you have to do is to visit this website and there you will see a box on the right side of the page where you have to write your text. Once you write your text, now it’s time for generating fancy texts with the different kinds of options available.

Here, from changing font color and background colors to giving shadow effects and many more, you can choose different options with a click of a button.

You just have to provide your text and then give the amount of stars that you want from the options available, and there you go! It’s done! The website will generate all kinds of fancy texts as per your given instructions.


This website gives both free and premium fonts that can be downloaded by paying some amount of money. There are many categories like font, handwriting fonts or script fonts etc. The user can choose any font according to their need as per the amount of money they want to spend on it as there is a large variety of both premium and free fonts depending on how much you pay for them.

To use these kinds of websites, all you have to do is just go to this website, then there are many categories available on the top of the page, choose your category and then you will find a search bar where you can type out your font name or anything else.

For example, if you want to download handwriting fonts or script fonts etc. Then all you have to do is to type the name of your font or anything else in that search bar and then click on enter. There you will find all kinds of fonts available to download which includes both premium and free fonts. Moreover, if you want to pay money for downloading any font then there is also an option available where you can choose different options like usage license or personal use license. But if you want to download any font for free then also there are some categories available where all the fonts are free, so that’s it.


The font generator website is Lingo Jam which enables you to copy your desired text with desired font to use it on your website, or anywhere else. No complicated steps are required to generate the text with the font you prefer. By using this service, you can also reset/unselect all fonts if you want to start over again by clicking “blank” below the text box.


The generator website is Font Meme which is a service that enables you to generate your desired font and upload it to the cloud. The process of generating a font is somewhat more complicated than Lingo Jam, but if you need to generate and download Halloween fonts for free there’s no other option other than this website.

5. has a huge collection of very beautiful and attractive fonts for free use. Cool text is the only website so far that easily allows you to save and apply your desired text online. It can be used as an image or avatar, blog post headers, signature for forums, profiles etc. They also offer a wide range of fonts that can be applied to the different social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

The user interface is extremely easy and simple. All you have to do is copy and paste your text with its corresponding font in the field available and click on “Generate.” Once we click on it our cool text will be generated. It will appear on the right side of Cool text where you can choose any color for your text. Cool text is completely free and easy to use.

6. is a good quality website with good features and design, it stands out from the crowd. It offers different formats for text such as sideways text, pixelated font, normal font etc. The pixels are not very clear when you generate the text but still it’s really great to use on social media platforms. The tool is completely free to use. One can easily write their own text in a stylish text maker and generate it with different formats. It offers an excellent user experience, one of the best tools online.

7. This website is a text generator, allowing users to enter text they would like to use in a chosen font. The generator allows people to change the shape, color and size of their chosen text, as well as adjusting background effects such as shadowing and blurriness.

Users can also upload images with their fonts, which allows for interesting uses such as combining words on signs with some kind of image.

8. This website is a font generator which allows users to create their own font based on an image they upload. It also provides some preset shapes which users can use to generate their fonts, without creating them from scratch. This can be useful for people who are not very good at drawing but would like the option of using custom images in their text.


Fontsquirrel is an online directory of fonts. This amazing generator has over 1,000 fonts that are totally free for commercial use. You can browse different categories or search their extensive database by title, author, style, popularity, date added and more! Whether you’re looking for a specific font or just browsing for inspiration, Font Squirrel is an amazing website.

Most definitely the best site to use when you need a certain type of font. You can even download it directly through their website.


Madeintext Is one of the most popular Fonts Generator websites as it also provides an option on how you can customize or refine your text before copying it? You can adjust your line spacing, size, color, rotation and orientation of your text.

The madeintext website provides seven different styles of non-standard fonts by clicking on a button found at the upper part of the website. These are dot matrix style, neon style, handwriting style, graffiti style and pixelated style. After you’ve clicked on one of these buttons, any text entered will be changed into that particular font style.

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