As a web or graphic designer, you need to send a lot of files to your server, the cloud or your clients. There are a lot of FTP softwares that help you with this task, we’ve picked a few of the best for you.

1. Cyberduck

Platform: Mac, Windows – Price: freeWebsite

My favorite free editor, really simple to use and powerful. It supports secured FTP, integrates with popular content delivery networks, has synchronization options and much more.

2. Filezilla

Platform: Windows, Mac, Linux – Price: freeWebsite

Fast and reliable cross-platform FTP, FTPS and SFTP client, with IPv6, tabbed user interface, sites manager and user queue among other things.

3. Transmit

Platform: Mac – Price: $34Website

Great user interface, Transmit just got much faster and awesome with the recent release of version 4. Fully integrated with OSX.

4. Direct FTP

Platform: Windows – Price: free or $39 – Website: free versionpaid version

Comes with an included file editor (paid version only), bookmarky, easy one-clic archival backups,…

5. SmartFTP

Platform: Windows – Price: starting at $36.95Website

Comes with an advanced code editor, multiple connexion, thumbnails view,…

6. Fugu

Platform: Mac – Price: freeWebsite

External editor support, image previews, ability to create SSH tunnels,…

7. FireFTP

Platform: Windows, Mac, Linux (Firefox add-on) – Price: freeWebsite

If you’re using Firefox as your main working tool, you may be interested in doing FTP via this add-on. Comes with a lot of features and can be used professionally.

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