There’s something about the progressive jackpot slots design that entices players to play more. Click here as we discover all the secrets.

Progressive jackpot slots design is one of many interesting tweaks that makes this game widely popular. As you already know, slot games come in a variety of shapes. These casino features differ in the number of reels, payouts, visual details, and sound effects. As a result, slot players are spoilt for choice.

Indeed, reels are one of the most popular casino games we’ve ever seen. What’s more, these features have made casinos popular in the first place and rightfully belong to the gambling classics hall of fame. Today, online operators are brimming with slot titles. Consequently, the most popular platforms like N1 Casino feature massive progressive jackpot slots selection.

But why is that? What lies behind the slot’s immense popularity? Is it sorcery or master craftsmanship that makes these games so irresistible to countless punters? Read on as we discover the secrets behind progressive slot jackpots. In the lines that follow, you’ll learn everything that you ever needed to know about these casino features and more.

What Are Progressive Jackpots?

Many people, especially less experienced ones, often consider progressives and jackpots as one. This is a common misconception, so you don’t have to beat yourself up about it. Many people look at progressives and jackpots as a whole; two sides of the same coin. However, that’s not entirely true. Jackpots can be progressives. But, progressives can never be jackpots.

Still, both belong to the group of slots. The difference between progressives and other slot features lies primarily in the payout. While other reel games offer fixed paying amounts, progressives work a bit differently. These slot games accumulate the portion of each wager and add it to the prize. The payout will increment as long as someone hits the right combination. As a result, progressives can often offer insane, life-changing rewards.

The Popularity of Progressive Slot Machines

As we mentioned earlier, virtual slots are by far one of the most sought-after features in today’s online casinos. Progressives are popular for many reasons, such as:

  • Progressive jackpot slots design
  • Progressive machines payout
  • The volatility of progressive jackpots
  • Progressive jackpot types

Each of the aforementioned aspects is a building block of progressive jackpots. By combining all of these factors, game engineers have managed to create the ultimate fun and money-making machine(s). Take away only one aspect of the game, and it loses its magic.

The Design

Graphics and sound effects are one of the most critical factors in players’ decision-making process. Progressive slot visuals are aesthetic, and designed in a way to create a more fun environment for players. Flashy graphics and engaging sounds trigger fond feelings in every casino enthusiast. It triggers positive feelings and pleasure while boosting the players’ mood.

You’ll often hear dozens or even hundreds of different sound effects while punting. Their purpose is to make games pleasing to the ear. It affects the players’ psychological state, making them relaxed and raising their self-esteem. Ultimately, players can happen to forget what’s at stake and get a false sense of playing their favorite video game.

The Payout

User experience plays a major role in every punter’s gambling journey. However, you can enjoy the visuals as much as you like, but it won’t keep you satisfied unless there’s a considerable prize on the horizon. While it’s true that most players like punting as it relaxes them and makes them forget about their usual everyday, in reality, players pay special attention to the financial aspect as well.

The unique progressive jackpot slots design allows players a chance to win massive payouts with a tiny bet. The potential winning amounts can range from €400,000 to an incredible €50 million. If Lady Luck snaps its fingers, you can buy Twitter in the blink of an eye. With progressive jackpots, every person stands a chance to win tens of millions in a split second.

The Volatility

At their core, all slot features are virtually the same and based on the same mechanics. However, it’s those little tweaks that make one game different from another. Besides the visual characteristics and the potential prize, progressive jackpots also differ in volatility. In other words, not all games work on the same payout principle.

When it comes to volatility, we can distinguish the following types:

  • High-volatility slots
  • Medium-volatility slots
  • Low-volatility slots

Slot machines with higher volatility won’t provide you with much chance to win. In other words, you’ll rarely see minor victories. However, if you somehow manage to sway luck to your side, a high-volatility slot will provide you with the highest payouts.

On the flip side, low-volatility slots will let you score a higher number of less significant wins. That said, you’ll be safer from going bust. However, the potential prize is significantly lower than with highly volatile slot games. Simply put, the higher the risk, the higher your reward.

Medium-volatility slots are the perfect balance between these two counterparts. These games are not as risky as high-volatility slots, but don’t expect lucrative rewards. All in all, thanks to the variety of progressive jackpot slots design, these features can cater to even the most versatile players. As a result, progressive jackpots have a much broader audience than other classic casino games.

Progressive Jackpot Types

These games are defined by their players’ pool. In other words, the number of players enjoying the game determines the type of progressives. To help you understand them better, we offer you a quick rundown of the most popular types.


These types of progressives offer the smallest prize. This is based on the assumption that all players are in the region. However, these progressive types offer players the highest chance to land a jackpot.


This unique progressive slots design allows the linking between different jackpot machines. Most commonly, players are required to place larger wagers than usual. Compared to standalone features, proprietary slots offer lower chances of winning the jackpot.

Wide Area

These progressive types are more versatile than standalone and proprietary. In other words, the wide-area slot machines can create a network of slots that operate in the same city or country. These games typically gather a huge player base. As a result, wide-area progressives offer insane jackpots. Simultaneously, players have lesser chances of landing a significant win.


These slot types are a bit different than those mentioned above. The greatest disparity lies in the payout mechanism. In other words, the mystery progressive jackpot slots design allows players to claim the reward without hitting the winning combination. Why is that? It remains a mystery to this day.

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