Bad movies can help you improve your design skills if you are willing to learn from it. For example, the famous “Turkish Star Wars” movie will help you understand some things you should not do when designing.

Big projects are nice, low budgets are not
Being ambitious is very good, many of your customers probably are. But many of them also are not realistic when it comes to what they can expect from you with little money.

Plagiarism sucks
Try not to copy others when designing. The original is always better than the copy, and with the web you have great chances to be caught stealing others designs.

Don’t be high when designing
Well, when high you are always doing great creative stuff, but others might not understand it.

Bad design can be funny
Maybe I have a strange sense of humour, but Turkish Star Wars always cracks me up.

Furry monsters are not scary
If you ever have to design a scary monster for a cartoon or a video game, don’t make it furry please, it won’t scare anyone.

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