dream text effect

While Photoshop is not the most appropriate tool to layout type, it can be pretty amazing when it comes to create illustrative typography effects. The following Photoshop tutorials will teach you some of these great text effects.

1. 3D typography in Photoshop

Long tutorial (count 8 hours for completion) to learn how to create 3D decorative letters in Photoshop.

3d typography tut

2. Dripping 3D text effect

Add the WOW factor to 3D text using Photoshop art tools.

3d text effect photoshop

3. Typographic wallpaper in Photoshop

Learn some cool techniques to create your own typography wallpaper.

typography wallpaper

4. Apply a graffiti in a photo with Photoshop

This tutorial teaches you how to apply a vector file on a photography in a realistic manner in Photoshop.

photoshop realistic graffiti

5. Neon light 3D typography

Add a nice neon effect on 3D typography with Photoshop.

3d typography neon

6. Burnt-in text effect

A quick and simple tutorial for burnt-in text effect.

simple burn-in text

7. Supernatural text effect

Smoky night effect on text to give it an eerie supernatural sort of feel.

supernatural text effect

8. Create a Dream Design with 3D Typography

Create a dreamy design with 3D typography and other graphic elements.

dream text effect

9. Smooth Glass Type

Tutorial to learn how to create translucent glass typography.

glass type

10. Grass text effect in Photoshop

Make a cool text effect out of grass.

grass text effect

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