Graphic designers usually produce posters, flyers or websites. But sometimes, you need to add something special to you artwork. You need to cross the boundaries! Why not switch the medium, explore other surfaces? Here are some techniques you may want to use for your further marketing/art projects.

Moss Graffiti

Using mother natures special skills in order to retain customer attention. I’m wondering if this is really legal. But I’m sure it depends on the wall owners mood…

Edina Todoki started using this medium for her art project in New York. She tried to bring nature back in town. I think this is very poetic, and it would be nice if we could see more stuff like this around the streets.

Mosstika - moss tree

An other example by Anna Garforth. I think she works for Curb, a company specialized in natural media communication since the show the project in their portfolio as well.

Curbs Spores

Spore borne air

If you’re interested in trying this out by yourself, read this tutorial. It’s really easy, you’ll just need some patience to see your masterpiece grow.

Chalk art

Yeah, it’s hundreds of year old (ok, maybe not that much!) but you can do very cool stuff with it. Nike has the best example with its ChalkBot which literally paints the road. You can even send your messages over the web (but only during the last Tour de France). Awesome machine!

Nike Chalk art

You can also make it smaller, like this maybe. Grind some chalk, mix it with water, and you are ready!

Chalk Rocks

Reverse Graffiti

Basically, instead of placing something on the wall (in this it would be paint), you take it off. With reverse graffiti you clean the surface in order to reveal you artwork.

In the first example Paul Curtis Aka Moose used this techniques for the Reverse Graffiti project which won a Cannes Lion this year. For Clorox Bleach he “cleaned” a tunnel in San Fransico.

Reverse Graffiti for Clorox

Reverse Graffiti fro Clorox 2

Alexandre Orion uses the same technique for his interventions in Saõ Paulo.

Alexander Orion

Snow Tagging

Kids love to play with snow, seems the creative heads at Crubs also! Sure it’s not a long-lasting media, but isn’t that the cool aspect of it?

This snow tagging was made by Curb for sports channel and lifestyle brand Extreme. So, now everyone will wish for the winter to come back. Yuck 🙁

Snow Tagging by Crubs

Snow Tagging by Crubs two

Fur coat Graffiti

This is somehow weird. The collective Neozoon draws pictures on the walls with old fur coats. I don’t know for what this could be reused (maybe a campaign for PETA?). I’m sure you’ll have your own idea.

Fur Coat Moose

Fur Coat Rabbit

What are your unconventional techniques? Let us know! Show us your crazy creative stuff!

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