Jacques Carelman passed away recently, in 2012. He was born in 1929 in France and was mostly famous for a drawing of a policeman he did during the Mai 1968 events in Paris.

Carelman also drew many less political things, like the absurd objects he invented. In fact he created an entire catalogue of unobtainable objects, check it out below (with description in english).


The Kangaroo gun, with an adapted shape to follow the animal’s jumping path.


Basket-tennis, a new sport that combines basket-ball and tennis.


Gutter for umbrella, to make sure that your legs will not be wet because of water falling from your umbrella.


Harmonium-bike, to play music while riding.


Heater-seat, that can be installed on your central heater to stay warm when winter is coming.


TV-carrier, a fake baby carrier that let you watch TV while walking in the street.


The pipe to smoke two different tobaccoes at the same time, and the sleeping bag with legs.


Cleaning slippers, one with the brush, the other with the equipment to pick up the dust, no need to bend over anymore.

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