A night cruise party means entertainment, fun, and a night of endless joy!

When you want to enjoy the party to its fullest, all the arrangements must be on point. Planning is the key here. From the food to music and lights, everything should be ready and flawless.

For everything to work correctly, the power supply must be adequate. Talk to the professionals if the power supply on the boat is enough to tackle all the electrical arrangements. If not, then you might need to keep an additional 1250kva generator to handle the load. A noiseless generator that withstands varying power requirements and heavy loads is ideal for cruise parties.

Once these “backend” arrangements are done, it is time to focus on the design ideas to set the right tone and mood for the guests.

Knowing your needs

Often we do not understand the needs of the party and end up not bringing the necessary things. In such cases, a bit of research and experience can help. Like a disco ball over the dance floor, some additional elements can add charm to the party.

On-board technology

High-tech yacht parties have become quite common these days—DJ booth hidden behind panels. A large LED screen set up on the dance floor, lasers, high tech speakers, etc. are some of the must-haves in your night cruise parties. With a good design and flexibility to add equipment, you will not have to worry about interruptions between the party, even in the limited floor space.

Customized speakers

Music is the most crucial component of any party. Look after the sound system to make sure it is loud enough to cater to the guests’ needs. With less or low-quality speakers, you might end up spoiling the mood of the party. Go for the best quality cables and install the speakers in the right places. Also, opt for built-in or separate amplifiers if necessary.

Entertainment space

Apart from the DJ and dance space, you can set-up entertainment spaces for bands to play. Live-bands are extremely popular on night cruises as they offer a unique experience to the boarders. You can plan sound hook-ups for bands in various spaces. Make the stages flexible so that it can double up as something else when the band is not playing there.

Sync up the lights

Well-planned lighting can enhance the mood of your cruise party. Syncing lights with the sound, is the perfect way to create a spectacular evening of dance, entertainment and set up the mood for a dance. You can set digitally controlled lights from smartphones and iPads.

Additional tip: Make sure to design and deck up the outdoor like the pool area and bar of the cruise. Add the right color shades to set up the perfect mood for the evening. However, all these designs can only prove to be useful when you have the proper power backups. Talk to your generator hiring company about giving you the best generators capable of taking the heavy loads without creating noise, which might interrupt the party mood and interfere with the surroundings.

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