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The world of web design is vast and exciting, with so many different layouts, transitions, fonts and more! The one thing that shouldn’t be overlooked, though, is colour. At our web design agency, we know exactly how to create flawless looking websites using carefully curated colours.

Colour Pairings

The first thing that will really make an impact is choosing the right colour pairings. Making a colour palette using something like Adobe’s Colour tool is a great way to get you started! And you’ll soon know which colours will work well together and which combinations to avoid. You may already have an idea of which colours you think are the perfect match, but web design is not as rigid as ‘blue and green must never be seen’ anymore! Web design can help to open the door to new and exciting colour possibilities, or help you to update your existing colour schemes!

The Emotional Impact of Colour

Before deciding on your colour palette it may also be a good idea to consider the emotional impact of certain colours. Using sites like Happy Hues will give you deeper insight into how certain colours can convey different meanings and evoke certain reactions from users. Web design can guide you through this process so that you end up with colours that you love as much as your users do!

web design Surrey


Something that you may not have thought about, but that would make all the difference to certain users, is the impact colour can have on the accessibility of sites. Considering all types of user colour can be a game changer with certain colours making sites more legible and accessible. Considering contrast and hue of sections of your site and consulting online help for text legibility is a great place to start and will improve user experience for all your site visitors!

Dark and Light Mode

An upcoming trend for web design is the use of ‘dark mode’. You may have come across this if you use an android or iOS operating system and this can improve user experience by reducing harsh brightness at certain times. If you are looking to incorporate dark mode into your website then choosing a colour scheme that can translate well in both settings will be imperative. Web designers have experience designing light and dark mode sites and are on hand to help you do the same!

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