The real estate industry is the industry that has become huge in the past decade or so. Parallel to itself its competition has also risen. We can say that the websites that relate to the real estate industry have become the most trusted ones when it comes to managing, buying and selling property. That is because the property is one of the most crucial item one has.

However when you’re designing your own real estate website, you have to be careful. There are particularly specific elements that you have to take care of before you even begin. For example, a successful website has to be well-designed. It also has to be modern and with detailed description of the features and the characteristics of the property.

Here are some incredible website design tips that will improve your real estate page.  It will give you a fresh twist to the whole user experience and will further down the user journey of the customers.

A detailed Homepage

First and foremost, you have to pay attention to the design. The design of the website should capture attention the moment a user lands on your page. It is the first impression of your business.

That is why it should direct the user towards the most relevant information. Make sure you offer every possible detail that the potential customer might want to know. You can add a short description of your business, your location and other contact information as well as social media accounts.

Eye-Catching Photography

If you are a real estate agency, make sure to include photography that is in relation to this industry. Invest in high-quality images of your properties. You can put them in slideshows and other listings so that the potential customers will have an easier time finding them.

One of the key elements that attract the client is how the house or other property looks from street view. If you place attractive imagery on the front, you will most likely get the targeted audience.

A large number of clients first do online searching before they even contact you. That is why you have to make sure that your website is as big of quality as your business is.

Focus on Social Proof by Adding Client Video Testimonials

People are more likely to find you more trustworthy if you bad reviews and testimonials from other clients. For example, if you add candid video testimonials from clients that are truly content with your service, you will be able to get twice the audience. People love integrity.  They feel more connected and personally invested in your business and services.

If the site is on WordPress, you can use a WordPress testimonial plugin to set up the testimonials easily. The alternative is the one I mentioned earlier, to slap a YouTube video on a page so that the visitors see people talking about your services, not just pieces of text.

Use dynamic design

Although it is the best if you make your website simple and clean of any clutter, there are also some elements you can use to make it a bit more interesting. For example, add some plain yet dynamic elements to make it a little funkier.

You can add visuals yet it doesn’t have to take up a lot of space. The best element your can add is a hero slider. They are ideal tools that will allow you to display various homes. Make sure that each image is linked with adequate information.

Also, another dynamic element you can add is an indoor map of your properties. There are plenty of indoor mapping tools out there to choose from.

Featured Listings Slideshow

You have to keep in mind that in order to provide your clients with an easy view of your listings, you have to customize the site according to the location and listings.  This way they will be able to see what you have available.

Visitor Registration

When a new client lands on your website, your new goal is to make him come back again. You also want to send him other relevant news via a subscription pack or ads. You want to optimize his experience on your site and then come back for more. That is why you should constantly update your site to become even better. 

Evoke Positive Emotion to Connect

Make your content more emotion-driven. You want to inspire positive emotions so that customers will be more likely to make a purchase.

If you want to have some inspiration for your real estate website, you can consider what kinds of emotions you want to evoke from the clients when they first open your site.

Ultimately, you want them to share your content, fill out your contact form, or pick up the phone to call you. The website should always work to create an emotional connection with visitor

Easy-To-Use Site Navigation

You want to make your website easy to navigate. The truth is that a lot of customers will leave the site if it is hard to find the thing they’re looking for. That is why you should use a menu that is simple to follow.

You want to place the features throughout the website, not on one page only.

Make It Pleasant to Use

You should make your website user-friendly. This type of design considers all aspects of one website. It makes it look easy to use and comfortable for all kinds of users. The user-friendliness thinks of the page load speed, navigating systems and so much more.

Visiting a real estate website should feel like you’re visiting any other website. It should be a pleasant user journey. They should feel comfortable to spend a substantial amount of time on your page.

Include Multiple Calls to Action

If you want to direct your users to perform a certain action, make sure to use Call-To-Action buttons. They are an important tool for every successful website. You want to guide them though the website without them putting a lot of effort.   

Provide Extra Resources

Providing extra resources beyond listings and realtor profiles can help show potential clients how much the company care about their home search. This helps to build a relationship and establish trust. Plus, providing clients with resources from the get-go can save you time down the line.

Establish a page on the site that provides potential clients with tools like a mortgage calculator, buyers’ and sellers’ guides, and updated market reports.

Engage Visitors with Live Chat

A live chat is a modern feature of a great web design. Many people want the experience of talking to a human salesperson. And, live chat does just that. It engages users on the webpage. It is a useful addition which will skyrocket your conversions. As with all real estate website ideas, you have to be sure to implement this one with a close eye to what visitors to your site will want.  An alternative would be to use an appointment app to set up meetings and discuss there with the client. You can easily choose the best scheduling app for you from various articles online.

Include bios for each team member

A lot of agencies have a meet the team page where all the staff members and their bios are placed. This can be a laborious job but it’s worth it. Many customers will find the business more reliable and trustworthy if they add biography of the members.

If you want your website to be successful, you have to keep up with your target audience. You have to know who your customers are and how your brand appeals to them. Not only will this help you understand they kind of web design you’re going for, but you will also have a shallow idea of what elements you should include.

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