Pinterest has become a great source of inspiration for me. Each week I share my favorite pins of the week. If you don’t want to miss any pin, make sure to follow me on Pinterest.

New year card

An intricate card for new year wishes by Trollback. Via Trollback.


Cat stamp

A cute cat stamp, from Japan of course. Via Post Crossing.


Flower illustration

A nice black and white illustration by Kelly Bastow. Via Supersonic Electronic.


Visual identity

Visual Identity for public libraries by Natalia Bilska. Via Behance.


Sheet music montage

A photographic composition with musical rythm by Harold Feinstein. Via Tout ceci est magnifique.



Beautiful calligraphy by Kitty Sabatier. Via Kitty Sabatier.


Cosmic nuggets

Cool illustration by Cosmic Nuggest. Via Cosmic Nuggets.


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