User Interface Design is intended to help organize the user’s interaction with a device or program. It is what the user encounters when looking at a device or screen: the arrangement of graphical interface elements, buttons, and navigation. How much to charge for UI design

How user-friendly the user interface determines a person’s desire to use a website or app. User loyalty depends largely on the convenience and attractiveness of the interface. A bright appearance attracts people and makes them go to the program or site. Therefore, it is important that the UI design is intuitive.

To understand UX and UI design, imagine a chair. His framework conventionally calls it UX, because the man with the help of the chair solves the user’s problem. At the same time, the conditional UI of a product is the number of legs, the shape of the back, or the upholstery. A good UI considers the practicality of the exterior design, in the example of a chair, this means choosing not only beautiful but also wear-resistant material for the product.

Thus, UI is aimed at creating the necessary emotional perception of the product. And UX is based on the user’s assistance in working with the resource.

Because of the interaction between UI and UX, the user receives a single impression of the aesthetics of the visual interface and the ease of passing to the desired action on the page.

What does the price of UI design depend on?

  • The number of UI concepts. The more of them, the higher it is.
  • The type of device for which the interface is being developed. This can be an Android interface, an IOS interface, or a web app.
  • The presence of generated UX rules. If we have to work out the rules – the price goes up.
  • The need to create illustrations. They can be graphic and animated. Also, the price depends on their quantity. The more illustrations required, the higher the cost of UI design.

It is better to order the development of the visualization of the user interface from real professionals. Only an experienced designer can make the design bring you more profit. 

UI design: the stages

  • Task setting. Defining the goals for which the interface will be used; analyzing user needs; choosing the platform on which to implement the project.
  • Development of interface sketches.
  • Creating a prototype to evaluate the convenience of the interface.
  • Analysis of the data and the selection of the best options.

The UI interface includes the following elements:

  • information architecture;
  • interaction design;
  • graphic features.

Creating UI design: the rules

  • The appearance of app elements should be as simple and understandable as possible.
  • The user should not have to perform complex actions or long chains of transitions.
  • It is desirable to use familiar controls and clear visual images.
  • Logically related elements should be combined into menus and forms.
  • The most important elements of the user interface should come first.
  • The interface should be designed in the same style.

When developing the UI design of a mobile or web app, the “aesthetic-usability effect” must be considered. Being under its influence, a person thinks that the app interface that looks better is more convenient. Therefore, developing the user interface should harmoniously combine beauty and usability.

Peculiarities of app interface development

Depending on the purpose of the project and the purpose of the interface, the designer selects the color scheme and design. The psychology of color and how it affects people should be considered. When designing a UI interface, color can be used to emphasize the quality of the app. Red is associated with strength and passion; green with nature and prosperity; blue with peace, and purple with creativity and wisdom.

It is necessary to work out the details of the project at an early stage and follow the main principles of mobile interface development. Among the latest trends is developing apps that would work on both Android and iOS. However, it is better to develop UI design separately for each mobile app. This way, you can avoid mistakes and malfunctions.

The UI interface has the following tasks

  • Provide interaction between the user and the app.
  • Give emotional satisfaction to the user while working.
  • Look attractive.

Components of UI

  • Visual design, or VD, is important for the quality display of colors, fonts, and other elements of a website, as this is what creates the aesthetics of the site. A good UI can only exist in the combination of the page’s content and functionality. Also, VD aims to attract users and build their trust in the product or service.
  • Design system – the design of the user interface through a system of individual interface elements. They are needed to develop reusable templates.
  • A prototype is a working example of a designed user interface. The mock operation gives an idea of the response of the interface elements before they are directly developed.
  • Content. Gadgets have accustomed users to multitasking, so when designing a user interface it is important to quickly and correctly demonstrate the main content and functionality of the app, and move all the secondary to the background or remove it.
  • Feedback communication is using a different design or animation of the program’s response to the user’s action. This gives a person the understanding that everything is under control and functions correctly.
  • Working with one hand. A well-designed interface must be adapted to one-handed operation. It is easiest to control the program when the necessary navigation elements are located in the lower left corner. A user-friendly interface also includes large buttons, indentation, and eye-catching design of important elements for easy interaction with them.
  • Quick input. Forms to be filled out should: require a minimum amount of information from the user; offer variants of answers. For example, if you want to know the user’s age, it is better to use a drop-down list and find out the address through synchronization with geolocation. General recommendation – minimum manual input.

UI design will bring you:

  • An aesthetically pleasing interface. Elements and colors will be chosen according to the concept of the app.
  • Simplicity and clarity of use. People will easily understand how to interact with the interface.
  • Consistency. Elements that act in the same way should be given consistency. This will make it easier to use the app.

UI design is an important element of the interface. It brings the program and the user into contact with each other. So try not to save on this important component of a successful project and make every effort to get the most convenient and thoughtful UI design.

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