If you’re a web designer, then making sure you have the right computer is a must. You rely on your desktop computer for a lot of the work you do, and you need something you can rely on.

When it comes to buying a new computer, it can be a little daunting because there is so much choice, but with these tips, you should find the right computer for your needs.

Have a Budget

What kind of computer you choose will depend on your budget. Pretty much any new computer you choose will be able to do a reasonable job, but the bigger your budget is, the more performance you’re going to have access to.

Understanding your budget is the first step to finding the right computer for a web designer, and once you’ve established this, then you can start digging into your research.


Operating System

The operating system will play a big part in people’s computer choice, and it’s a decision that some people can get stuck on.

The most common operating systems you will come across are:

  • Chrome OS
  • Windows
  • Mac OS X
  • Linux

Each platform has its own unique feel and will offer something slightly different to the user. Each has its positives and negatives, and which one you prefer will often come down to personal preference.

Again, each system can do a good job, but it’s finding the one you work best with.

The Nature of the Work You Do

There’s no one computer that best fits a web developer because each web developer will work slightly differently.

Some will be freelance and work from home, and others will work in an office and switch between work and home. Others might like to be very mobile and get out and see their clients.

The way they work differs, and the methods they use to get their work done does too. One web designer might be a front-end developer, while others focus on the web design. Different computers will suit different people, so you need to think about your work’s nature and what will best suit it.


Web design is something that can require quite a high-level of performance, and this means making sure your computer has the right CPU and RAM. These will help ensure your computer can handle the software you’re using and offer you a fast, clean experience.

There’s nothing worse than losing time because your computer can’t handle the load, so make sure you’re getting something like Lenovo all in one computers with lots of processing power.

Don’t Stress About the Decision

There’s no need to stress about this decision. Yes, it can be a big investment, but if you put in the research, you will find lots of great options.

Web designers rely a lot on their computers, but luckily, there are many great ones out there, and with the right level of investment, you will find you get everything you need.

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