As the publisher of this blog, I’m truly happy that you are reading it, whether it’s regularly or from times to times. You may have noticed that longer posts have been quite rare in the past month; it is mainly due to personal issues. Nothing bad, but time-consuming travel and administrative stuff to do.

This said, the slow down that you have experienced will soon stop, and I’m glad to announce that I’ve been working on a redesign of the site (it’s about time…). I cannot share anything for now, but subscribers will be exclusively informed before anyone else, so I suggest that you subscribe if you want to get some opportunities before others (there will be some new services).

Before I finish the redesign, I’d be interested in your input. What would you like to see or not see anymore on Designer Daily? Just speak freely and I’ll incoporate editorial decisions or design suggestions according to the comments I find reasonable.

For now, I’ll just remind everyone about a few side things:

  • The Get Inspired section just got to 500 subscribers. If you are looking to 3-4 inspirational posts with no comments, just images, every day, you should subscribe too.
  • Don’t forget about Typography Daily, if you want type focused inspiration. It’s not updated as often as Designer Daily, but designers tend to enjoy the blog.

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