An outlet for creative expression, game design and development is a specialist area. Game developers are highly skilled and highly talented professionals who have played a major role in the success of thousands of smash-hit games over the years. Alongside graphic designers, game developers have to hone their craft in what is a highly competitive area.

What is the link between game developers and graphic design, you ask? Well, it’s not uncommon for many graphic designers to work alongside game developers, while some graphic designers might even be considering taking a leap into the world of gaming in general. It’s certainly a lucrative area of entertainment, making it an enticing opportunity for millions of graphic designers to consider. Should it represent a viable career for you, then you might even be working alongside some game developers in the future.

These game developers focus on many similar aspects to that of graphic designers, perhaps by creating a visually pleasing product that is true to the look and feel of a game, similar to a graphic designer having to nail a particular brand’s tone and messaging or an overall design on a leaflet or a website. These skilled professionals have contributed to the success of visual masterpieces like Genshin Impact, unique products with some of the best-looking designs in the gaming world, such as in Dark Souls, and popular slot games like Jade Emperor, a title that manages to nail its distinct Chinese mythology theme. They’re important people.

While there is a somewhat loose link between graphic design and game design, it’s an area that can interest people in the graphic design world. So, in case you’re considering looking at gaming jobs or you’re potentially working with game developers on a project in the future, here are some things that game developers tend to focus on.

Game developers design with users in mind

In the same way graphic designers need to know their audience and create eye-catching material for a wide variety of clients, game developers also need to know gamers. For instance, a simple and intuitive interface is a must given the demands of gaming audiences in the modern world. Additionally, creating a consistent look and feel throughout a game is also hugely important.

They always need to find a game’s hook

Game developers are always striving to find a game’s hook. The hook can be a character, an engaging storyline, or even the mechanics of the game, all of which could help form some of your graphic design work around a particular release. If a strong hook has been created, it will probably form a large part of a particular game’s advertising campaign, which is potentially where you could come in. These alluring elements really can make or break a game.

Sounds matter

Whether you’re part of a team of designers aiming to create a memorable billboard or you’re creating visuals for a promotional video, the sounds of a game are another hugely important ingredient that you will certainly have to factor into your work. The right sounds are an important feature in any gaming release, with these sounds helping gamers to smash through a particular level or avoid being destroyed in their quest for success. Additionally, sounds are used in promotional content as game makers aim to showcase every feature of a particular product.

It must be fun

Gaming is fun. It’s therefore hugely important that any graphic designers unleash their creative side to the maximum and bring a fun energy to the table. Don’t be shy, express yourself at all times, and captivate your audience with loads of vibrant, eye-catching work.

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