Jewellery is often synonymous with elegance and beauty, but due to the materials commonly used to create rings and necklaces, the jewels also feel quite cold and heartless.

Botanical jewellery can bring that little warm touch to your jewellery. It does make you a little less sharp that gold jewellery, but it’s so much cuter.

3D printed vases

These wearable tiny vases are created by designer Colleen Jordan. They are printed in 3D and let you add some flowers around your neck (or elsewhere). The website where you can purchase the plants also recommends some flowers to go with the necklace.



Air plants

The air plants by Arts Alive all use Tillandsias, a plant that can strive with very little water. Surrounded by a complex wire structure, they will grow and evolve around your neck. Why wear jewellery that never changes? That sounds so boring.



Passion flower

Enough of tiny plants, designer Susan McLeary creates big, bold plant jewellery, such as necklaces, earrings, or bracelets. It looks quite badass too.




Plant terrariums

Some tiny terrariums and fairy garden that you can wear around your neck. It also comes with detailed instructions for maintenance, thanks to Wear It Mini Plants.


Preserved plants

The preserved version of wearable plants may be a bit less lively than the others, but these pieces by Ruby Robin boutique are just too amazing to not be featured here.



Growing jewellery

The products of Hafsteinn Juliusson, an Iceland based designer, have a bit more manly look-and-feel than the other products featured above, but they are just as cool. They also need more care, as they are really designed to grow.


Thanks to Axentric for the tip.

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