Your individual interior style might be difficult to define. Do you like minimalistic or bohemian spaces? Lots of colours or a monochromatic look suits you more? Do you have a love for antiques or modern furniture design? The truth is that to find the answers to those questions, you might need to look for some home decor inspiration. Find out what you like and what shouldn’t be a part of your interior design with these ideas and inspiration for every style.

What Is Currently Available? Stores Offering

One of the most obvious places where you can find some inspirations are the home decor stores, on and offline. Look at the current offering from those shops and try to find pieces that interest you and might make the rooms in your home feel more inviting and cosy. After all, home shop catalogues or popular home decor sites, like, can be very inspiring. You can observe ready-made schemes or find individual items that match your personality easily there. The best part, however, is that you will already know where to purchase the home decor that has inspired you the most.

Magazines to the Rescue

Even though the traditional press is not the fastest-growing market out there, home decor magazines are still a treasure trove when it comes to home decor ideas. These magazines typically showcase every type of style that you can follow or take some inspiration from. Inside the home decor magazines, you can count on finding a lot of handy tips to create the scheme you like, as well as some ideas on where to find products that will give your space its own vibe. It is enough inspiration to decorate your whole house.

Social Media – New Trends and Crafty Ideas

It seems like social media can be the answer to a thousand questions these days. Pinterest and Instagram seem to be the social media applications that can help you when you are in need of some home decor inspiration. On there, you can pretty much find anything if you are looking for visual help. Set up a board for the style that you like most and start pinning, a few hours on there, you will have the complete vision for your interior design. Instagram, on the other hand, apart from visual assistance can give you access to a lot of small, creative craftsmen that can provide you with original pieces of art/decor for your home.

Observe the Homes of Your Family and Friends

As you try to figure out what is your personal style, perhaps the best place to look for inspiration are the houses of your family and friends, as they can give you plenty of ideas about your own interior design. Next time you are visiting your loved one, try to observe the decor elements they have in place and note what you like and don’t like. It’s not about copying in any way, but about being inspired by others’ work.

Final Words

You know now where to look for some inspiration when planning your interior design. Find ways in which you can express your character through art and decor, and your home will feel as comfortable and personal as it can be.

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