League of Legends is one of the worlds’ most popular games at the moment. It’s a team-based competitive game that is based on strategy. Two teams go head to head and players must work with their team to break the enemy base (known as a Nexus) before the enemy team breaks theirs. In addition to being hugely popular and completely addictive, League of Legends is also known for its stunning graphics. The popularity of League of Legends has led to a number of possibilities when it comes to supporting the game and even betting your hard-earned money on the outcome; places like Betsy Games can help with sportsbooks and betting odds.

The Improvement of Computer Graphics

There are hundreds of articles online that compare League of Legends graphics from when the game was first launched in 2009 to gameplay today and the improvement is incredible. Part of the reason for this is because of the software that LoL uses for gameplay. AdobeAir is a piece of software that allows developers to mix most of the major coding languages to create “Rich Internet Applications”. Basically, it allows you to create something stunning that runs across multiple platforms. The combination of HTML, Javascript, Adobe Flash, Flex and Action Script all under one roof allows the developers to pick and choose the coding language that they use, depending on what best suits the situation, resulting in stunning gameplay.

The Importance of Stunning Graphics

Riot Games, the developer behind League of Legends, is known for creating stunning games. They put a lot of effort into making a game visually attractive and they expect their users to do the same. League of Legends has one of the largest graphics options lists of any popular game.

Within the settings, you’re able to adjust the frame rate, your resolution, the amount of detail you would like to see in the environment, on your character and even in the shadows. You can even choose if you would like to have inked around the outline of the character. For players that want to optimise performance, there is an option marked “hide eye candy” and a slider to choose a balance between increased performance and increased quality. There are hundreds of articles online recommending which settings to choose, depending on what you find to be most important.

Gamers Want More Than Just Good Graphics

The ability to balance performance and graphic quality is something that Riot Games has always struggled with. The game has such a cult following that one fan decided to entirely remake the game in 2019. Wayne S spent 2 hours per day for three weeks recreating the game’s battle arena in Unreal Engine. The result was something that looked much more realistic than the pixelated view that players have become accustomed to.

League of Legends was not traditionally known for the quality of game graphics, so it’s clear to see that they’ve tried to step up this aspect of their performance over the past few years. It’s possible that it took a fan deciding to recreate the game’s map with new graphics in their own time for Riot to realise that they needed to work on what they were offering. Riot has always focused on performance over visuals, and it’s clear that with all of these settings in the most recent installment of the game they’re trying hard to shed this reputation. The huge number of options available for players to adjust their graphics settings shows that they’re taking things seriously now, and are finally allowing the user to decide whether they value performance or aesthetics the most.

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