These days, it seems taking a great photo isn’t enough. Whether it’s an iconic sports moment, a pivotal event in politics, or simply perfect the timing of a pet doing something very unusual, anyone and everyone can be turned into an internet sensation via a Photoshop battle.

For the uninitiated, Photoshop battles occur when someone posts an image to social media site (usually Reddit or Memebase) declaring that the image is worthy of a battle, and then Photoshop geniuses get to work and do what they do best: create hilarious images. Now, the great thing about Photoshop battles is that no one is safe. These Photoshoppers care not for your social status, all they care about is making a funny meme that is better than the original image. Regardless of whether you’re Barack Obama, LeBron James, or Leo DiCaprio, anyone can be Photoshopped. In essence, it brings us all onto one level.

And then there’s enhancing creative and technical skills of course. Once you know some great tricks and shortcuts for Photoshop, then it’s time to unleash your imagination and humor to the world. What mind sees a somewhat innocuous image of an old lady swatting at a cat with a stick, and comes up with brilliant Photoshopped images of the woman fighting Muhammed Ali, appearing in ancient wall art, or playing ice hockey? A quick wit, possession of some solid Photoshop skills, and excellent timing, and you’re well on your way to building an impressive portfolio.

More than anything, perhaps, is Photoshop battles have the ability to bring joy and eccentricity to everyday life, resurrect images from the past, and can bring light to dark times. Around the corner from any grim story about North Korea’s nuclear testing or Brexit fears, you know there’s going to be a Photoshop battle of a bored couple at a fair, a student falling asleep on campus, or even a snooty-looking goat. These images bring back the simplicity and goodness of everyday life and remind us to think: “Hey, this world isn’t so bad after all. Why so serious?” What’s more, a Photoshop battle of a lost toy elephant traveling the world proves that there is kindness and sincerity behind the Photoshoppers too, as not everyone is made fun of.

The world needs Photoshop battles to remind us about those little things in front of us, to provide a respite from terror and threats, and give us at least one laugh in our daily lives.

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Mirko Humbert is the editor-in-chief and main author of Designer Daily and Typography Daily. He is also a graphic designer and the founder of WP Expert.