As a designer, your time may very well be your number two asset (after your talent), so preserving it should be a priority for you. One way to save time is by improving your working processes and strategies in order to be more productive. Another is to make sure that you will not waste time redoing work because you lost it, for example by using a free data recovery software.

Why Should You Use Data Recovery Software?

Because data loss can be a disaster for anyone. Spent a week on a project and lost it? If you can’t recover the files, you are in a very bad position. You can redo the work, obviously, but if there was a deadline, there is no way you will meet it.

Of course, most responsible workers have a backup plan nowadays. Preferably even several backups of their work updated daily. However, these backups can go wrong for all kinds of reasons and you will surely be happy to have a solution to get your work back.

On top of that, other data loss can occur outside of your computer. A USB key can be corrupted, or the cards in your camera, for example. For all these cases, it’s good to have a plan.

Introducing EaseUS Free Data Recovery Software

EaseUS is a safe and light data recovery software that takes only about 40MB of space on your computer. You can install very easily with the assisted setup and Windows Explorer type interface. It’s a solution trusted by millions worldwide and available in 20 languages.

The most important feature of EaseUS is probably its adaptability to different data loss situations. The most common are lost data recovery and partition recovery, but it can also be formatted file recovery, storage media recovery, or emergency data recovery. To summarize, EaseUS got your covered whether you empties important files from your desktop’s recycle bin, accidentally got a partition made inaccessible, formatted your camera’s memory card by mistake, or have severe boot failures.

The process of recovering the data is also made much simpler and more efficient by EaseUS. For example, the preview functionality allows you to check the integrity of the files to ensure their recovery. You can also pause or resume the scanning process at any time, as it can take a long time to scan large size devices. Even better, to save time, you can recover the files that are shown by the scan while the scanning is going on. If you are worried about getting all your files back, do not! EaseUS can recognize over 1000 file types, so if you have important documents, graphics, audios, videos, emails, or others, you will get them back.

But there is more, the software goes beyond data recovery. It can actually repair corrupt or damaged photos and videos from your camera. You can do it by directly connecting your camera or inserting your card, then launching the repair process.

Never Lose A File Again

If you are serious about your design business, you should consider that just backing up files is not enough. Save yourself the trouble and the money that data loss could bring to your and give a try to EaseUS. The entry version is free, and the premium versions are well-worth the price.

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