Instagram success involves having a large, engaged following on your account. To grow your Instagram following organically, you need to have a great strategy in place to get users to follow your account. Learn how to get more free followers on Instagram. 

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Why Get More Instagram Followers

How To Get More Followers

  • Incorporate Reels In Your Content
  • Work With Brand Ambassadors
  • Get Free Instagram Followers From A Provider
  • Use Appropriate Hashtags
  • Post At The Right Time

Wrapping Up: Get Free IG Followers

Having a large and engaged following on Instagram is highly beneficial to your success on Instagram, irrespective of whether you’re an individual or a business. 

There is no limit as to how many free Insta followers you can get organically. As of March 2022, Kylie Cosmetics was the most followed beauty brand on Instagram, with over 25 million followers.

To get more free followers on Instagram you need to actively put in the work to make your account an account that users want to follow. There are various methods that you can use to get more Instagram free followers. This includes getting free followers instantly from a service provider.

In this article, we’ll discuss the various methods you can use to get more followers on Instagram.

Why Get More Instagram Followers

Getting more Instagram followers means that more users will have the opportunity to view your content. The more users that view your content, the higher the potential for increased engagement rates with your posts.

A large, engaged following on Instagram will help to extend your reach and increase your account’s discoverability on the platform. It’s also profitable for you as an individual, brand, or business to grow your following and increase your popularity on Instagram. 

You need to get more high-quality, active, real Instagram followers to increase engagement on your content. This will lead to your content being prioritized by the Instagram algorithm, making your content more visible to users. Passionate and loyal followers will regularly engage with  and share your content, growing your following organically.    

How To Get More Followers

You need to have a strategy in place to drive traffic to your Instagram account and convert that traffic into actual followers on your account. 

Merely having an Instagram account will not get you more followers. It will take some planning and effort, but when you see your follower count rising, you’ll be glad you did. 

Let’s look at a few ways in which you can get more followers for your account on Instagram. Use these strategies together as a working method to grow your following:   

Incorporate Reels In Your Content

If you’re unfamiliar with Instagram Reels, they are short-form videos that can be up to 90 seconds long. You can add various effects, audio tracks, and more to Reels. Reels are trending on Instagram and have high user engagement rates due to their entertainment level. 

Users enjoy Reels as they offer quick and easy video viewing on Instagram. The Instagram algorithm favors Reels, and Reels with high engagement rates appear before wider audiences in the Reels feed and the Explore page.

You need to make your Reels entertaining and interesting to attract high engagement rates. Regularly posting high-quality Reels will draw more users to follow your account in anticipation of you posting more quality Reels on your account. 

Some creative ways in which you can use Reels to get more followers on Instagram to include:  

  • Creating Reels containing listicles and checklists
  • Giving short tutorials in Reels
  • If you’re an entertainer or run a business, do behind-the-scenes Reels
  • Repurposing your old content in Reels 
  • Reels to highlight your brand, business, employees, or daily life
  • If you create products or provide services, use Reels to showcase what they are and how they work
  • Do sneak-peak and product reveal Reels
  • Shopping haul Reels attract many views
  • Post Reels of cute or interesting animals
  • Share trending Reels on your account.

Work With Brand Ambassadors

An Instagram brand ambassador is a person who represents and promotes your brand or business in various ways on Instagram. Brand ambassadors on Instagram typically have a large, engaged following on Instagram. 

They can be anyone from one of your employees, co-workers, or loyal customers, to Instagram influencers, celebrities, or public figures. They are great at building confidence in your brand and can influence users to follow your account and support your business. When choosing to work with a brand ambassador, you should choose an individual that fits with your brand image. 

If you have the financial means, you could work with a celebrity or public figure to endorse your brand or business. They usually bring with them a large following which they can influence to follow your account. 

But don’t be disheartened if you don’t have the budget to work with a famous brand ambassador. There are Instagram influencers with smaller but engaged followings who would love to work with you in exchange for free access to your products or services.  

Instagram brand ambassadors generate buzz about your brand on Instagram and create promotional content for Instagram to promote your brand. This can include product or service review content. 

They also actively share and promote your content with their followers on their Instagram accounts. Brand ambassadors encourage users to engage with your account. 

Get Free Instagram Followers From A Provider

One way to boost the growth of your following organically is to get free followers for Instagram from a professional Instagram growth service provider. Adding instant free Instagram followers to your account will increase the popularity of your account and, this way, attract more users to view and follow your account organically.

When looking to get free followers for your Instagram account, you need to ensure that they are active real Instagram followers, or they won’t add value to your account. 

You should also only get free followers from a reputable and trusted service provider in the industry. We recommend that you have a look at which offers free followers for Instagram without a survey or payment being required.   

Use Appropriate Hashtags

The creation of the “#” movement as a way to reach a wider audience on Instagram has gone viral on the platform. When you add popular and trending hashtags to your content, more users will discover your content on Instagram. 

This could lead to more followers for your account. You can use hashtags in your captions, in your profile bio, and anywhere in your content really.

Instagram allows you to include up to 30 hashtags in your post captions. You should by all means, use as many trending and relevant hashtags as you can in your content to increase your content’s visibility. This doesn’t mean that you should spam hashtags with every post of yours, especially with irrelevant hashtags. This will irritate users and your followers, who may even unfollow your account.

If you aren’t sure which hashtags are trending or which hashtags to use, you can start off by going to the search tab and searching relevant keywords with the # symbol before the keyword. 

The top trending hashtags relating to the keyword will appear in your search results, as well as trending content relating to the keyword. You can go to the trending content to see which hashtags the content creators used. Also, look at your competitors’ posts to see which hashtags they’re using. 

There are also tools available online to help you find trending and relevant hashtags for your content, such as All Hashtag. [NO FOLLOW] You can use hashtags relating to movements, current events, or holidays like #ThrowBackThursday. Some trending hashtags are #Love, #Instagood, and #FollowMe.

Post At The Right Time

It’s great to consistently and regularly post content on your Instagram account, but if you are posting at random times, this won’t guarantee that all your content is actually seen by your followers. It’s important that you post your content at the right time on Instagram. That is, the right time for your followers.

There are too many variables, like different time zones and demographics, to have a set definitive time that’s optimal for all Instagram account holders to post content on their accounts. Generally, studies have shown that the best times to post content are Central Time US on Tuesdays between 4am and 10am, Wednesdays between 7am and 11am, and Fridays at 2pm.  

You should post content when your followers are the most active online. This will ensure that your content is seen by them and that they engage early with your content. High engagement rates on content mean even more users will get to see your content and can follow your account.

How do you know what the right time to post content on your account is? You will need to experiment by posting content at different times and then use Instagram analytics to gain insight into which content performed the best. The time when you posted that specific well-performing content will give you an indication of when your followers are mostly active online. 

Once you know the most optimal time of the day to post content, use a scheduling tool like Planoly to create a content calendar to schedule and post pre-made content on your account with ease. 

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Wrapping Up: Get Free IG Followers

Your Instagram following will only grow substantially if you actually put time and effort into getting more followers. If you want to grow your following on Instagram organically, use the strategies we’ve provided simultaneously to create a solid working method to get more free followers.

One sure way to increase the popularity of your account to attract more organic followers, is to get free Instagram followers from a service provider.

It can give you that extra boost you may need to reach your Instagram goals. We hope you are able to successfully get more followers on Instagram for free.   

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