At least the designers I know do, and it seems that designers on the web also do. I’ve noticed different kind of humour, and would like to share with you.

Comics authors can be considered as designers right? They are of course the most funny designers out there. The latest web comic that really cracked me up was this one about Youtube comments.

The designer’s rant
A good and really funny example can be found on Ghisroy with his post “8 ways to drive a graphic designer mad” (via Swissmiss). Note: designer’s rant are usually directed towards clients and Comic Sans MS.

Making fun of unprofessional products

Like in this hilarious fake ad (loved the “we worked about 8 months to figure out what 12 colors to include within Paint).

Making fun of designers

Is my design beautiful because I am beautiful?

Hope you enjoyed these, and please do not hesitate to share your fun design stuff in comments.

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