Uncluttered and polished, these are two characteristics homeowners increasingly want when it comes to their bathroom design. And who can blame them? Whether you’re taking a long soak or a reviving shower, bathrooms should be relaxing spaces which have functionality at heart.

Contemporary bathrooms tick all these boxes. Using neutral and light colour palettes to make the space feel bigger, straight edges, modern showers and clever tiling, the contemporary design can transform a space into somewhere sleek and streamlined with little effort.


When it comes to choosing the colour scheme for your bathroom, it’s best to side with a restrained palette that doesn’t overpower the room. Bathrooms are usually small in size, so it’s important to keep them light and airy to make them feel as roomy as possible. Think light greys, blush pinks and mellow yellows to give your bathroom a tranquil feel.

If that’s too uninteresting for you, make a statement with a monochrome colour scheme. Very on trend right and perfect for anyone who wants their bathroom to look ultra-modern, mix and match with black and white paints to get the effect you’re after.


Another great way to incorporate colour and texture is with tiles. First, consider the colour of your walls and choose your tiles accordingly. If your walls are neutral and you want to add a pop of colour, wall tiles are the perfect way to do that; with some bright blues, pinks and oranges, you can bring a summery feel to your bathroom all year round.

If you’re planning on adding tiles to the floor too, choose some dark, glossy tiles for a sophisticated finish or opt for a lighter shade to give the illusion of more space. And if the rest of your bathroom is plain, why not inject some personality with some patterned tiles?

Bath and shower

By far the most important apparatus of your bathroom, you need to choose the right shower enclosure for your space. Modern showers look minimalist and elegant whilst also being highly functional and intuitive.

When it comes to choosing your shower, there are plenty of options to choose from, be that electric or digital. Then you can choose all kinds of add-ons like mixers, settings and heads. The rainfall shower head still remains highly popular to this day, with many opting for a second small head too so they can focus the water better.

As for the bath, a freestanding bath is still the absolute height of luxury. By taking away the often-clunky look of a shower/bath combo, they create a sense of elegance and high-end relaxation. It’s the ultimate addition if you want your bathroom to also double as a contemporary spa.

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