3D printers are the hottest topic in the marketplace as more consumers warm up to and adopt the idea of 3D printing. It’s going mainstream, and ‘The Micro’ is a kick starter project for a 3D printer project for your consumers. But it doesn’t mean once you have 3D printer you can start right away. Instead you will require several materials and most importantly the blue print to printout your products. Now if you are confused with this 3D modeling then relax! There are several websites that offer you free 3D models to print on their printers free of charge. Here I am introducing you to 10 such websites where you can find free models for 3D printing.


3DVIA is a company that presents you with several 3D modeling and publishing tools. These tools are aimed for both consumers and professionals. The website also presents a Content Warehouse where the community hosts and shares their content.



Cubehero is a website that let users to host and organize their 3D printed projects in order to aid further collaboration on their work that includes discussion and contribution both. And if you are not finding what you are searching for then you can simply make a request for it from the community and you’ll be helped anyway. cubehero


GrabCAD is a website that is aimed to “help engineers develop products faster”. It offers several tools that help them collaborate with their files. grabcad


Instructables is a website based on community where users can share their DIY projects that includes things made using a 3D printer. Also there are the how-to’s and instructions on how to build their creations. instructable

My Mini factory

My Mini Factory is a website with 3D model repository managed by iMakr, an online store that sells 3D printers and accessories. It also operates the largest 3D printing store in Central London. my-mini-factory


YouMagine is an also a community based website run by a 3D printer company. This one is run by the open source 3D printer company Ultimaker. Though this website just started on 2013, it is filled with many interesting things to print. youmagine


Pinshape, which is similar in style with Pinterest, is a 3D model marketplace that still in beta. As in Pinterest, it also has the ability to repin favorites. You can either purchase the model from the designer or download the files to print it yourself, if they offer it. pinshape


Repables is nothing more than just a very simple site that aims to be a repository of 3D printed model files. It is a bare bone website that allows users to upload their files to share, and download files they want to use. repables


3dibility is a search engine that will crawl the Web in search of 3D prints, looking through many 3D modeling sites for files compatible with 3D printers. 3dbility


Yeggi is another search engine that will search major 3D printing websites for files that are compatible with 3D printers. yeggi

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