Many people who have fond of growing birds in their own home or little garden, think of the cool houses for them. Here in this blog, I have collected 12 such cool architectural birdhouses that not only comfort your birds but also add extra beauty and fashion.

1. is an online family business located in Pinehurst, NC which strives for uniqueness in design, excellence in workmanship with quality construction.


2. Birdhouse with a soul

Birdhouse with a soul is not just a birdhouse that is contemporary, modern, different, and interesting, but it is the ideas behind the design – the idea that something as simple as a modernist birdhouse can change a perception.


3. Modern Birdhouses

Modern birdhouses is named after Case Study participants J.R. Davidson, Richard Neutra, and Ralph Rapson that feature simple lines, modern detailing, and durable materials.


4. Pennsylvania Church Replica Birdhouse

Pennsylvania Church Replica Birdhouse replica was constructed from solid pine to be a functional birdhouse.


5. Enormous Bird houses Concept on City Trees in London

The “Spontaneous City in the Tree of Heaven” opened recently as part of the Secret Garden Project by UP Projects and hopes to develop into a haven of biodiversity and create a new public awareness of the ecological and cultural value of urban green spaces.


6. Eco-friendly designer birdhouses for modern birds

This handsome, finely crafted, architectural birdhouse are handmade by Nathan Danials for his one-man company, Modern Birdhouse Design. The craftsmanship and style of these birdhouses is undeniable.


7. Nandinee Phookan Architects

The minimalist, modern birdhouses by IMAKE STUDIO were developed specifically for small birds like wrens, finches, chickadees, nuthatches, and titmice.


8. Index reuse art

These rustic handcrafted birdhouses, feeders, and landscape art are from architectural salvage by Sonoma county reuse artist Ken Rhoads.


9. An Exotic Tree House shaped Birdcage

This is a unique architectural of an exotic tree house shaped birdcage which is a naturally creative architecture that emphasizes the art and beauty.


10. Heartwood 006 Bluebird Manor Bird Houses.

In this beautiful birdhouse, Bluebirds were there to welcome the first settlers of Plymouth Colony, who called them blue robins.


11. Architectural sophisticated birdhouses

Architectural sophisticated birdhouses was designed by award-winning architect Richard T. Banks.



Most people associate Resolution: 4 Architecture with prefab — especially their work for Dwell’s custom prefab collection.


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